Career Kaushal

The fact is that jobs are tough to get. Another fact is that jobs are hard to save. Yet another realisation is that there are no jobs for those who are not ready.

Organisations and Institutions have come under a term known as Job Market or Market to be precise.

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Eklavyaism and Parveen

The Epic "Mahabharata' is being considered the comprehensive description of the life of this planet with talks of everything that comes our way from birth to death. From System to Sentiments, from Rulers to Ruled, from Work to War and from Antagonism to Approvals, 'Mahabharata tells about all.

The Legends about less mentioned, but very significant characters are noteworthy and what I have felt since I came to know the Epic in my childhood, EKLAVYA inspires, we empathise with him, but we don’t pity him.

The answer of this Identifying Oneself in Eklavya is that we all learn as he did! The #EduSoMedia, #EdTech inventions and tools have proved this true, though it was predicted ages before in our mythology.

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