One More Step with Podcasts by Students at Amity Tashkent


Educational Podcasting has been a journey of discovering rewards at each step. Listening to the podcasts done by my students at Amity University Noida from 2009-2015 fills my heart with immense joy. My pride in their work can not be matched by anything and anyone. At Amity Tashkent, the bright past is shining again with vibrant colours. EduPodcasts are back with a magical impact here!

EduSoMedia 4.0 at Amity University in Tashkent


EduSoMedia stands for Education Through Social Media. As a part of it, EduPodcasts (Educational Podcasts) remain the unique and useful part. It was in the years of 2009-2010 when the idea of EduSoMedia Blogs and Podcast came into practice at Amity University Noida. That movement was silent for 7 years but now it is making a loud and clear interruption at Amity in Tashkent.

Reading Coach with Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams


MS Teams came to rescue millions through the COVID-19 Lockdown in Education. As a comprehensive and customised Learning Management System, it integrated much to our wonder. One such exceptional feature, left unseen by many teachers, is READING COACH and Reading Progress. this post is about this wonderful AI-empowered tool in MS Teams. 

Making Videoes Interactive with PlayPosit and EdPuzzle


Technology changes the way we use it. If a teacher is able to make the best of everything available - be it written notes, books, the internet and the EdTech tools, the classroom is bound to move out with excellence. The real success of an EdTech-empowered class is that it transcends the boundaries of time and teachings.

Persuasive Communication and Professional Advantage

Comm Skills

Communication is the key to everything. Our attempt to achieve success in life and in our careers significantly depends on how we communicate. In professional situations, a CEO or a student, both have the challenge to come out with a victory. The only way to make an impact is to wear a Persuasive hat. Here is a small article for this.

Literary means our ability to read and understand a language. We are living in a world of Digital Expansion. Technology is everywhere, and we communicate daily through social media and networking platforms. So, we need to be smart and mature while we use Digital Media. Here, Digital Literacy means our ability to be mature and smart users of digital resources.

English is a commodity and this is going to earn you a good reputation as well as return in future. We were told by the legendary Prof. K. K. Kathuria at the Department of English, Kurukshetra. When the Linguistics subject was introduced we were unaware of what Phonetics actually is

The Presentation gives a brief of the basic rules of Punctuation Usage. A Proper Understanding of the Punctuation Marks enables

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Beware of the Googling Teachers

Insights & Views

They say the problem comes with its own solution! How much is it appropriate regarding how we teach in this century of challenges and a very distinct kind of 'professionalism'? There seem to be dark hours going in terms of curating content for teaching. No one wants to enrich the web; we are all just copy-pasting.

The way we are teaching and learning English seems an act of revenge taken unintentionally from the 'bringers' of English to India. The way we coin words can be delegated to our own needs and creativity, but the way we teach the standard usage of English, calls for an immediate course correction.

Teachers Must Plan Professional Development

For Teachers

Skill Enhancement is an important part of teaching and learning. We have heard for ages that Learning never stops. The same is applicable for teachers when they feel they will stay in this domain for a lifetime. The moment a teacher stops being a student, the teaching process becomes ineffective. A teacher has to keep professional development alive.

To say less would be enough because we all know who are the ones being mistaken here in education. I am ambitious to be a good teacher and the one who has more of obsession and passion to teach each moment. My fraternity, the one around me, is failing me. They are not teaching anymore. The way they should be on their guards is not there to be seen. They are behaving like deadwood. 

Can we put the whole blame on institutions and teachers for the failures of students? Questions can certainly be posed to the ones in authority. However, the role and responsibility are reciprocal. If we give something good to the place, the reflections are certainly good. Still, this view does not liberate the administrators or teachers of their pivotal role in imparting learning.

I shall not suggest a way out to 'prepare well for exams' because the only way out is 'To Prepare'. The more time you spend in subject preparation, the more you read and comprehend is what makes you write well in the examination. I shall suggest something that can help in writing well. Exam fever is not a result of the absence of preparation for the exam.

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