International Foundation Studies - Batch 2022-23 completes the wonderful session of learning. We had fun-filled, serious and sometimes bitter-sweet tasks of making the learning meaningful. More than anything, we all felt that it has been a bit different type of collaboration we did on Podcasts and Blogs.

I am grateful and shall always remain indebted to each one of you!!!

Long Way to Go!!!

God willing... we shall meet again and the path to learning will again be illuminated with your ideas and excellent work!!! 

 Now we have just a few steps away from 50 episodes.



Samadnar Khamidov




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One More Step with Podcasts by Students at Amity Tashkent


Educational Podcasting has been a journey of discovering rewards at each step. Listening to the podcasts done by my students at Amity University Noida from 2009-2015 fills my heart with immense joy. My pride in their work can not be matched by anything and anyone. At Amity Tashkent, the bright past is shining again with vibrant colours. EduPodcasts are back with a magical impact here!

Blogging Makes You Feel Good and Be Good


We live to express and write to make this expression stay even when not around. Let's not think that if we write, it will be remembered for centuries. But, while we are there and have a presence on the web, why don't we make an impression that will at least identify us as someone who can express ourselves well?

AI Tools for Learning English


AI has been a creation not to fear or question; rather, we need to 'refine and make reliable'. This presentation was done on the English Club show of Foreign Languages TV of Uzbekistan TV and Radio Company on 3 March 2024.

A brief introduction about some tools I have been using and have seen the benefits as well.

OmniScript As the Speech Template

Comm Skills

This is a script - the one you can use for ANY Topic. Just ensure that you READ it at least twice to yourself to know where are the 'special words and phrases' to add style!

Persuasive Communication and Professional Advantage

Comm Skills

Communication is the key to everything. Our attempt to achieve success in life and in our careers significantly depends on how we communicate. In professional situations, a CEO or a student, both have the challenge to come out with a victory. The only way to make an impact is to wear a Persuasive hat. Here is a small article for this.

English is a commodity and this is going to earn you a good reputation as well as return in future. We were told by the legendary Prof. K. K. Kathuria at the Department of English, Kurukshetra. When the Linguistics subject was introduced we were unaware of what Phonetics actually is

The Presentation gives a brief of the basic rules of Punctuation Usage. A Proper Understanding of the Punctuation Marks enables

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What Makes a Good Teacher

Insights & Views

I received a question from one of my fellow students, Akshay. I would not call him my student because sometimes I am his student as he goes on to teach me so many literary things. He asked: "What Makes a Good Teacher?" अच्छा टीचर कैसा होता है?

A Teacher always learns. The time of teaching is also the time to learn for the individual who is given the most significant task of moulding the lives of thousands in a single year. This series of posts on social media and this blog is based on the experiences that have made me feel like a confident teacher. I invite you to this Post No. 07, shared below:

Teachers Must Plan Professional Development

For Teachers

Skill Enhancement is an important part of teaching and learning. We have heard for ages that Learning never stops. The same is applicable for teachers when they feel they will stay in this domain for a lifetime. The moment a teacher stops being a student, the teaching process becomes ineffective. A teacher has to keep professional development alive.

To say less would be enough because we all know who are the ones being mistaken here in education. I am ambitious to be a good teacher and the one who has more of obsession and passion to teach each moment. My fraternity, the one around me, is failing me. They are not teaching anymore. The way they should be on their guards is not there to be seen. They are behaving like deadwood. 

Can we put the whole blame on institutions and teachers for the failures of students? Questions can certainly be posed to the ones in authority. However, the role and responsibility are reciprocal. If we give something good to the place, the reflections are certainly good. Still, this view does not liberate the administrators or teachers of their pivotal role in imparting learning.

I shall not suggest a way out to 'prepare well for exams' because the only way out is 'To Prepare'. The more time you spend in subject preparation, the more you read and comprehend is what makes you write well in the examination. I shall suggest something that can help in writing well. Exam fever is not a result of the absence of preparation for the exam.

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