PodMOOCs and the Expansion of OERs


The world is no more a small world. The challenges are gigantic and there are new demands each day. When it comes to education, hope and apprehensions both interact together. In this reference, we see Open Educational Resources as the hope to grab a common-consoling ground. Audio MOOCs aka PodMOOCs are a real thing where we see an ocean of possibilities.

Linguistic Simulations in VR to Enhance Communication Skills


An unending urge to expand the horizons of learning and empower my teaching of Communication Skills, this is a proposed integration. The presentation was given during the International Conference on Virtual Reality. The newness of this concept is the applicability and utility it promises. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence can do wonders in the teaching of Communication Skills. Have a look at the presentation and support the idea.

Smart and Correct English with Grammarly


Smart and Correct English with Grammarly - the Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence System - is a real thing. It helps with suggestions about Grammar Rules, Punctuations, Tone and Clarity. We also get to check the readability and the overall quality of the content. Grammarly can be used as a browser Extension, Microsoft Word Add-in, smartphone keyboard and also as a Desktop Application.

CANVA has been a wonderful platform for teachers and creative learners. Starting with the free user account to the educational account with Pro features, Canva has been a fantastic support. From designing blog images, infographics to making teaser videos, it has been a real magic wand to me in the educational journey. Now, the features that have come through requests by users are worth putting in a blog post. 

Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

Comm Skills

English is a language and no language is a difficult thing to learn. We need to practice and participate with an honest heart. In this series of checking our pronunciation, we aim to share some commonly mispronounced words around us. It is possible that you know them correctly. In that case, ensure that pronunciation remains a good thing to hear when it is of English.

Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

Comm Skills

Pronunciation is like Driving! Yes, it is. If one drives well, people appreciate and they also feel safe. If there is carelessness or a wrong way of driving- that hurts the image. People start avoiding travelling with the person. Same way, the correct pronunciation of English will make others feel good about your learning.

English is a commodity and this is going to earn you a good reputation as well as return in future. We were told by the legendary Prof. K. K. Kathuria at the Department of English, Kurukshetra. When the Linguistics subject was introduced we were unaware of what Phonetics actually is

The Presentation gives a brief of the basic rules of Punctuation Usage. A Proper Understanding of the Punctuation Marks enables

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Insights & Views

The time is here and now. If we all can think in harmony and for decency in the life of every citizen of the world, life can become sustainable. Survival can become a second priority then. Being together in this mission, especially for everyone in education is important. 

How NOT to TEACH Your Students

Insights & Views

Being wise is synonymous with being a teacher. You manage minds, not the students. They look up to you not as an ideal but as any other fellow learner. This is what I have felt. Do not idolise yourself because you are a teacher. be normal - live normal but teach special. However, it is more important to know - HOW NOT TO TEACH!

Teachers Must Plan Professional Development

For Teachers

Skill Enhancement is an important part of teaching and learning. We have heard for ages that Learning never stops. The same is applicable for teachers when they feel they will stay in this domain for a lifetime. The moment a teacher stops being a student, the teaching process becomes ineffective. A teacher has to keep professional development alive.

To say less would be enough because we all know who are the ones being mistaken here in education. I am ambitious to be a good teacher and the one who has more of obsession and passion to teach each moment. My fraternity, the one around me, is failing me. They are not teaching anymore. The way they should be on their guards is not there to be seen. They are behaving like deadwood. 

Can we put the whole blame on institutions and teachers for the failures of students? Questions can certainly be posed to the ones in authority. However, the role and responsibility are reciprocal. If we give something good to the place, the reflections are certainly good. Still, this view does not liberate the administrators or teachers of their pivotal role in imparting learning.

I shall not suggest a way out to 'prepare well for exams' because the only way out is 'To Prepare'. The more time you spend in subject preparation, the more you read and comprehend is what makes you write well in the examination. I shall suggest something that can help in writing well. Exam fever is not a result of the absence of preparation for the exam.

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