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Communication Skills & Personality Development

Communication Skills & Personality Development Syllabus-Kurukshetra University - B.Voc. Degree- Software Development  Unit-I...

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Listening: The Forgotten Art

Listening is most rightly considered a forgotten art. With the advent of technology and learning advancements, we have set ourselves away from this required skill. There are occasions that make us...

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Poor Communication Skills give a HARD PUNCH!

Celebrating Communication Skills-1 (Article Series) The age of growth has never been a result of huge financial investments. This is true that the dividends depend on the amount of capital, any kind,...

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Sam Berns Knows What Communication is!

A Salute-Tribute-Thanks to Sam Berns 'The Communicator' who said: “No matter what I choose to become, I believe that I can change the world.”  A Happy Life is an easy thing to accomplish. We seldom...

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Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentation

A Presentation is known as an oral activity but without the support of a multi-media presentation, one can not bring a good understanding of the concept. PowerPoint presentations are widely used by...

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Presentation Skills

Communication is about sharing of information. We term this information as emotions, facts or emotions. There are times where there is a single motive behind the interaction and that is to PERSUADE....

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#EdTech and Teaching-Learning

EklavyaParv: A Commitment to Share Knowledge

I Identify with 'Eklavya-The Learner' and Dedicate this

'EklavyaParv' to Him!
Communication Skills-EdTech Skills-
EduSoMedia-Employability Enhancement,
Creative Writing & All Life Skills
are part of this Learning Expedition. 




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