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George Bernard Shaw speaks of English in English!

He underlines what he means by English Speaking.

"I Have a Dream" is a public speech delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. on August 28, 1963,

How Far is the River?

By Ruskin Bond, a writer with name and fame for his simple stories, characters.

Life on the internet isn't easy because we end up getting heavily spammed by the information overload and don't know how to sort it! If you have been experiencing serious concerns and problems with the packed inbox of your Gmail service, 

Observation 01: This is the right time to say that we are heading towards a successful failure. The time to wake up was yesterday and we have been left in a state of shock now. The state of affairs is grim and there seems to be no possibility of a solution. Soon, the edifice is to fall on the ground of reality.

First Things First! This is what Innovation asks for. The educators are required to be one step ahead than the learners; not in a way to generate inferiority among them. Rather the desire to learn is to be inculcated.

This is the time when smartphone (the phone with browsing capacity) is getting into the hand of millions of people around the world. Science and Technology has made it possible and market forces have empowered the reach. It has been about to factors-

Barriers to Communication are those factors that weaken the impact of the whole effort to communicate. These are sometimes deliberate

People say that it is impossible to ‘NOT Communicate’ and this stands true when we see such a big world connected with each other. Communication is also

Technical Communication is the subject which is taught in most of the engineering colleges as a part of the first year curriculum or in other years as well.

'Writing maketh a full man' and it is all the more difficult to find a 'full-man' who carries real writing skills in Letter Writing. We start teaching Letter Writing from the early ages and keep on correcting ourselves even during the jobs. WHY do WE FAIL at Effective and Impressive Letter Writing?

Non-Verbal Communication is the second of the Two Types of Communication. It comes next to Verbal Communication which is made of Written and Oral

Personality Development has been one of the prime areas of learning as well as of business. People have always been eager to excel in their personality.

"A Report is a formal communication, written for a specific purpose; it includes a description of procedures followed for collection and analysis of data,


Grid List

India, my country, your country, a nation we live in and live for!

India, our motherland- our Supreme Deity- the Most Immortal!

Heard an exclamation from radio: What does a Teacher say about today's education system? The RJ on Red FM kept his voice on the top of everything while bringing phone-ins.

“Education is one of the greatest gift for mankind. Each one of us must seek this enlightenment.” When Lailah Gifty Akita says this, she opens up the world on learning to us. Life would not have been so beautiful 

A library is a sacred place that one starts feeling like contributing to the place. This is true for those who have been blessed with a good relationship with the Library. This might be a memory from the school days or the college life, Library remains something 'very own'. The forgotten art of Reading also

Careers are unpredictable for two reasons, firstly, there are new verticals and domains coming up; secondly, we have choices to make and passions to pursue. But, if the careers are unpredictable; should our preparations also be?