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EklavyaParv MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses are coming soon with a variety of learning and skill enhancement modules. 

Life-Long Learning shall remain the focus and in these days of global lockdown, we assure you of an OPEN Landscape of Learning in our MOOCs. 

To safeguard Your Career and Enhance Your Competence, the only thing you need to do is to Knock at the Right Door!

Stay tuned for Online Courses with Certification from reputed institutions and organisations.  

List of the Courses in Making:

Public Speaking Skills

Presentation Skills - Design and Deliver

3D - Resume, GD & Interview

Podcasting: Learn and Leverage

EduSoMedia - How to be a SMART Learner

Internet Maturity

Teachers' Training for E-Learning

Learning to Use an LMS - Google Classroom

Mastering Moodle as an LMS

Using Edmodo LMS

Creative Commons and OERs

How to Write a Formal Letter and Application          

    Available courses

    Employability Enhancement - 3D

    Employability Enhancement - 3D

    Employability consists of Readiness to take a job; Fulfillment of the Requisites; Professional Skills; Presentation Skills and Inter-personal Skills

    Enhancement is Quality Enhancement; Increase in the Number of Certifications; Improvement in Skill of Presentation; Incremental Changes in Eligibility and Skillsets

    Eklavyaism and Life-Long Learning

    Eklavyaism and Life-Long Learning

    Eklavya-ism is a concept in learning by self. This is a principle which denotes ‘self-learning’ and ‘self-perfectionism’. It is learning by observation too. In the absence of the teacher, the disciple learns by himself.

    Moodle LMS and Its Utility - Introduction
    Parveen Kumar

    Moodle LMS and Its Utility - Introduction

    EklavyaParv shall assist the whole process and shall ensure successful use of Moodle LMS. Read to Introduce Yourself to Moodle!