Personality Development has been one of the prime areas of learning as well as of business. People have always been eager to excel with their personality. There has been a concept called 'The American Dream' which says that 'on the basis of being liked' one can achieve anything. However, this was and again is a life belief for the US and most of the world now.

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Listening: The Forgotten Art

Listening is most rightly considered a forgotten art. With the advent of technology and learning advancements, we have set ourselves away from this required skill. There are occasions that make us realise that we have been mistaken in ignoring Listening as a part of our Communication. Seldom have we seen the epidemic of poor communication around us.

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Resume Guide


Every day is the right day to start working on your Resume. You can update it every hour-every moment. Being a student who aspires to get placed in

a good job profile, one has to look for the appropriateness in RESUME.

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Poor Communication Skills give a HARD PUNCH!

Celebrating Communication Skills-1 (Article Series)

The age of growth has never been a result of huge financial investments. This is true that the dividends depend on the amount of capital, any kind, which you have put on the task or the mission. However, there are other agents that drive an investment to a meaningful addition. These agents are ‘soft’ and do not catch the eye of the leadership group by default. At least in the India we are talking about, envisaging a significant acknowledgement to Soft Skills is still far away.

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Sam Berns Knows What Communication is!

A Salute-Tribute-Thanks to Sam Berns 'The Communicator' who said: “No matter what I choose to become, I believe that I can change the world.” 

A Happy Life is an easy thing to accomplish. We seldom give it a try and forget that it has been available around, but we ignored. Sam Berns unfolds life for us in his talks and in the biographical documentary made by HBO.

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Presentation Skills

Communication is about sharing of information. We term this information as emotions, facts or emotions. There are times where there is a single motive behind the interaction and that is to PERSUADE. At times, the communicator does not want to influence the thought process of the receiver

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There is an ordinary thing in our life, the most common and purely natural in texture... Communication we call it. Along with Eklavyaism and EduSoMedia-EdTech, EklavyaParv is focussed on providing quality content on aspects related to Communication Skills. Applauding it as an integral 'Life Skills', sensible and honest learning is shared here.

The Multimedia platform is adopted and EdTech is being respected by sharing "Presentations" with the learners. These are embedded through various sharing platforms.

There have been hundreds of podcasts this year with MyStudents. This has been a great learning method and the same  tool (Audio recording and Sharing) Podcast is being shared with all EdTech Enthusiasts.

Along with the Audio Telecasts through internet, we are sharing Educational and Skill Development Videos as well. 

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