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'Speak Freely-Keep the Conversation Going-Share Moments that Matter-Say What's On Your Mind'

Education is Communication. The moment we stop dialogue, education ends. It has been followed since the beginning of our civilisation that we need to connect with others and thereafter collaborate to grow.

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It started with the desire to learn more and for a teacher, Learning resides in the LEARNING by Students. I believe that we learn through teaching. Being in the Chair of the Teacher King, we can do wonders. My Teachers have done this to me and I am determined to take that dedication ahead.

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Teaching is a challenging job when we have focus on defined outcomes. There can always be a debate over the various dimensions of teaching and learning. What we avoid generally are the learning dimensions of education.

It is not just the Teaching- giving a monologue and being impressive through the usage of good words- rather it is the participation of the audience, i.e. students who decide whether teaching has accomplished learning or it has remained to be a one way traffic of information. Technology is relative when it comes to educative use; the more technology advances, the more benefits education derives from it.

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What is EduSoMedia?

EduSoMedia stands for Education through Social Media. Making optimum use of Social Media Platforms/Networks by integrating them to teaching - learning methodology. The Pedagogy of Teaching uses Blogging, YouTube, Podcasts, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Webinars etc

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EduSoMedia happened to me in 2009-2010 when I came to know of blogs. Education through Social Media and EdTech has been the foundation of my teaching career since then. I share here the initiatives that have got established as HigherEd landmarks through dedicated contribution from my students.

EduSoMedia Blogs, Podcasts, Digital Presentations (Communication Skills) on YouTube, EduSoMedia multi-media presentations on Author Stream and Slide Share etc. are there to give an account of what this EduSoMedia Mission has been. EklavyaParv is the celebration of this very learning mission. I remain possessive about EduSoMedia.

Education is a comprehensive term with its comprehensiveness defined many times. Basically, the learning we talk and the learning we live with have become different today. We need to know education as an unending journey in which the educators add their innovative pedagogy and available tools. EdTech has not done wonders, education has done. When we talk of EdTech, under EduSoMedia, we talk of the technology enabled teaching and learning. This integration has taken place due to 'Sharing and Connectivity'. Thus, for me, Education through Social Media is the parent agency for EdTech.

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