'Speak Freely-Keep the Conversation Going-Share Moments that Matter-Say What's On Your Mind' Education is Communication. The moment we stop dialogue, education ends. It has been followed since the beginning of our civilisation that we need to connect with others and thereafter collaborate to grow.

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It started with the desire to learn more and for a teacher, Learning resides in the LEARNING by Students. I believe that we learn through teaching. Being in the Chair of the Teacher King, we can do wonders. My Teachers have done this to me and I am determined to take that dedication ahead.

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EduSoMedia 4.0 at Amity University in Tashkent

EduSoMedia stands for Education Through Social Media. As a part of it, EduPodcasts (Educational Podcasts) remain the unique and useful part. It was in the years of 2009-2010 when the idea of EduSoMedia Blogs and Podcast came into practice at Amity University Noida. That movement was silent for 7 years but now it is making a loud and clear interruption at Amity in Tashkent.

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Demystifying the SDGs with SDG4BW TweetChat

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals present a promising world in 2030, depending on the realisation of the targets. Being in education we see each of the 17 Global Goals as our own aspirations and ambitions to accomplish. With EdChatIND and EklavyaParv, here comes the initiative - Sustainable Development Goals for a Better World - SDG4BW TweetChat.

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SWAYAM: India's MOOC Tomorrow is Here!

SWAYAM: Evoking an Innovative Tomorrow As the 25th of September, 2014 is approaching, the stirs in the Indian educational landscape are becoming louder. Educational Technology, which has become a talk of the global town today, will receive yet another contribution from the vibrant learning land of the world. India shall enter the elite club of countries where education is free to innovate and collaborate.

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International Foundation Studies - Batch 2022-23 completes the wonderful session of learning. We had fun-filled, serious and sometimes bitter-sweet tasks of making the learning meaningful. More than anything, we all felt that it has been a bit different type of collaboration we did on Podcasts and Blogs.

I am grateful and shall always remain indebted to each one of you!!!

Long Way to Go!!!

God willing... we shall meet again and the path to learning will again be illuminated with your ideas and excellent work!!! 

 Now we have just a few steps away from 50 episodes.



Samadnar Khamidov




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PodMOOCs and the Expansion of OERs

The world is no more a small world. The challenges are gigantic and there are new demands each day. When it comes to education, hope and apprehensions both interact together. In this reference, we see Open Educational Resources as the hope to grab a common-consoling ground. Audio MOOCs aka PodMOOCs are a real thing where we see an ocean of possibilities.

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What is EduSoMedia?

What is EduSoMedia? EduSoMedia stands for Education through Social Media. Making optimum use of Social Media Platforms/Networks by integrating them into teaching-learning methodology. The Pedagogy of Teaching uses Blogging, YouTube, Podcasts, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Webinars etc. to keep the classroom active at all times to achieve collaborative learning.

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One More Step with Podcasts by Students at Amity Tashkent

Educational Podcasting has been a journey of discovering rewards at each step. Listening to the podcasts done by my students at Amity University Noida from 2009-2015 fills my heart with immense joy. My pride in their work can not be matched by anything and anyone. At Amity Tashkent, the bright past is shining again with vibrant colours. EduPodcasts are back with a magical impact here!

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Linguistic Simulations in VR to Enhance Communication Skills

An unending urge to expand the horizons of learning and empower my teaching of Communication Skills, this is a proposed integration. The presentation was given during the International Conference on Virtual Reality. The newness of this concept is the applicability and utility it promises. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence can do wonders in the teaching of Communication Skills. Have a look at the presentation and support the idea.

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