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IGRAASP, started by four ladies, popularly known as Mompreneurs — Priya Wadhwan, Gayatri Luthra, Shikha Sharma Chaturvedi, and Ruchi Mitroo — is a weekly news wrap, hosted on YouTube and anchored by school children. It has been specially designed for children and their families to provide them with child-friendly content.

 IGRAASP introduces itself as:

We are a crew of four mommy entrepreneurs who built this ship called IGRAASP together. Thought by thought, we have transformed a skiff to a vessel to accommodate the evolving needs of children along with their families.

In today’s competitive world, the importance of general knowledge cannot be overemphasized. News and general awareness are the basis of any entrance exam or competition. However, harsh crude information is splashed across all news formats making it difficult for schools and parents to filter content that is age-appropriate and fun. As mothers, we realise how crucial it is for us to inculcate a love for general awareness in our children from a young age.

When we first met, we found that each one of us was regularly curating news for our children from all possible sources available. This was a reasonably arduous task. And, with the kids constantly shuttling to and from various classes, they had little time to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We knew that it was time to start sowing the seeds of a lifelong interest in the news. We mulled what would capture a child’s imagination from an early age. The answer was clear. An audio-visual format appeared to be the need of the hour. Thus, with the aim of providing safe, filtered, unbiased, and curated information, IGRAASP set sail in February 2020.

The significance of IGRAASP and the outreach they offer to schools in India:

  • A school can become a partner with them
  • IGRAASP will send them weekly news links and will share updates
  • Students (Age 12 onwards) 'Tweens' can become News Anchors through Audition
  • Children of any age can participate in the Weekly Quiz
  • Technovation Quiz brings the opportunity to win exciting prizes and scholarships
  • Student Anchors get featured on the official website of IGRAASP

We invite you to watch the videos and SUBSCRIBE to the IGRAASP YouTube Channel to get regular news updates.

CLICK HERE to Watch Students as News Anchors.

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