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Technical Communication is the subject which is taught in most of the engineering colleges as a part of the first year curriculum or in other years as well. Basically, this is Communication Skills which is called technical communication because of its being taught to Engineering students who have more to do in Technology.

Similarly, Communication taught to Business Management students is called Business Communication.

The nomenclature, as well as the utility, is different. The treatment is more objective in Technical Communication. We are less subjective here and more focused on Techniques and standard procedures of various soft skills that relate to communication.

Kurukshetra University is no different. They have the Technical Communication (popularly & wrongly termed as English al around) in the first year of engineering and technical degrees. The syllabus aims to introduce the students to the nuances of Communication. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing remain the primary skills imparted in this subject. Composition and Writing are important parts of this. It is unfortunate that this subject hasn’t been kept in other years of engineering as is forgotten by the time the students reach the internship and placement phase. Another wrongdoing, as far as the teachers of English think, is that the syllabus is a dead page now. The university has made it so easy for the teachers by removing Phonetics which used to be the hallmark of the whole course. At a time when the engineering students struggle because of their poor communication skills, mainly, English Speaking Skills, without the core topic of Spoken English, the whole curriculum stands toothless. This does not mean that we lose hope; rather we need to study and teach this subject with more concern and clarity. Students must understand, or should be made to understand, that Communication Skills is not a subject, it is a Life Skill!

We need to derive the better of the one available to us. Hence, the topics given are to be acknowledged as tasks and EklavyaParv is coming up with brief notes on all.

The Topics prescribed in the Syllabus of Kurukshetra University are as follows:

  • Communication- Meaning; Types, Role of Communication and Barriers to Communication
  • Communication Skills
    • o Listening Skills: Traits of a Good Listener; Barriers to Listening
    • o Speaking Skills: Achieving Confidence; Clarity and Fluency; Paralinguistic Features
    • o Reading Skills: Vocabulary; Scanning; Skimming; SQ3R Reading Technique
    • o Writing Skills: Characteristics; Language; Techniques for Effective Writing
  • Professional Speaking
    • o Group Discussion
    • o Oral Presentation
    • o Job Interview
  • Technical Writing
    • o Technical Letters
    • o Job Application
    • o Resume
    • o Technical Articles

Scanning and Skimming Reading techniques

KOPPACT – Non-Verbal Communication

Group Discussion

SQ3R – Reading Technique

Basic Information about Vocabulary

Group Discussion – Main

Listening Skills – Basic

Resume Guide – Basic

Letter Writing Format-Guidance with Format Image

Letter Format – Audio and Image

Communication Process-Basic Model

Presentation Skills

Job Interview and GD – Basic (Extra Notes)

Application Letter

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