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An interview is not a torture chamber where you have to encounter what you are afraid of. It is rather a stage where you perform with the best of your 'skills and expertise'.

 We have been knowing Job Interviews for long and have never dared to curse them. There is no need either to do so. But our feeling of fear has alienated us from winning over the other side. The 'Interviewer' exist because we exist and we allow them to do so. An interviewee is more powerful than the interviewer. The power to decide the outcome lies with the one who asks, but the foundation of the outcome is created by the one with a conscious face-the 'Interviewee'.

We need to know that we have been called for the interview because we have been able to demonstrate possibilities through Resume. After crossing over to the interview, through the volcano of Group Discussion, we are to play the game of questions. There are 64 questions commonly shared and discussed. With the questions, the file shares suggestive guidelines as well.

 Suggested Reading is given below for Interviews and GD, and another file is of HR Questions which are frequently asked in Interviews.


Interviews and GD

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HR Questions-Frequently Asked:

HR Interview Questions

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