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You need to make your Communication with your career a good one. It is not just a linear sending off your resume. It is not just going for an interview and facing the questions. It is a big thing in this age of ultra-advanced preparation by all candidates coming for the job. Your RESUME is your first warrior.

When you know this is the first impression you are making, you must ensure this goes as the BEST.

I am no one to give a policy statement on Resume Making. None of us can dictate a perfect resume. However, it is not a discouragement to anyone. We need to make a good one, which earns a call for the interview. The employers may not be looking at the quality of the paper, but they are keener to know what possibilities you carry. The Resume/CV you send is a 'selling document'. You sell your skills and in this barter system, you get an opportunity to work with the skills and expertise you have demonstrated. You 'Defend' you 'Resume' in the 'Interview'. All these 'THREE' entities are inter-related in the context of Employability.

We all, who have got their traditional degrees or have been pursuing one, aim to get acknowledged by employers through these pages sent virtually or in print. We want people to keep their eyes on our presence-our existence. So what do we need to do then?
We need to talk to them on paper! How? Imagine that the Resume is an 'objective script' with cues to speak sentences as replies to the questions. (do not think what a CV is? In this discussion, we need to believe them to be the same.) 

Establish a Dialogue with the employer through your resume. For this, it has to be comprehensive while being lucid and precise. It has to speak more but must avoid being lengthy. The art of Developing an Impressive Resume turns out to be a Skill to be Objective in the Job Interview. 

(A Description and Understanding is given below.)

Knock! Knock!

  • Who is there? - Name
  • From Where? - Current Contact Details
  • What For? Career Objective (Job Applied For and Your Career Objective)
  • What have you done? - Education/Qualification (Degrees)
  • OK! That's Fine! What Else?- Additional Qualification/Certifications (Not the Degrees)
  • What are your Skills/Technical Skills- Skills and Expertise (Skills/Technical Skills that are derived out of the TWO Above and that relate to the Offered Job)
  • Have you undergone some training etc.? - Internships and Training
  • Worked on Any Project (related to Skills)- Projects Undertaken (With Title, Duration, Agency/Place, Description)
  • This is Good! But, have you been doing some other things during your studies? - Associations and Activities
  • Any Award or Achievement (based on the above)- Awards and Achievements
  • Languages you know - Languages Known/Linguistic Skills
  • Interests - Interests (Personality Attributes)
  • What are the strengths you believe you have: Strengths (Mention .exe (Dot EXE) type strengths that are executable at work)
  • This is fine. Can you tell me your age and other personal details- Personal Profile (Date of Birth/Age, Gender, Marital Status, Parents and Permanent Residential Address if different from the one mentioned in the beginning)
  • Good! Any reference that you have got? - References (Name, Designation, Contact Information of two-four Field-Related Persons with whom you have been associated)
  • ...................................Come In!!! Let Us have an Interview and discussion about the Job!
  • .........................................Thank You for your consideration...................Signatures with Full Name at the end in Resume.

Quick Tips in the Presentation Given Below:

 resume writing

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