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Approach to a challenge is the magic wand you have to make the difference. It is up to you, totally, whether you kneel down or stand up cautiously to a problem that is there for some time. We, humans, have seen disasters. We have a history of getting back to normalcy even after nuclear bombs ruin each particle of life. Coronavirus and the social distancing is a challenge and we need to win over again.

I had been feeling anxious for some days now. The outbreak has broken something deep inside. It is not about some fear that I have been fighting with. It is neither a sense of loss. But, there is something strange to make one feel disappointed and intrigued. I feel the catastrophic Covid may also become a thing the world recovers from. The calamity may be a forgotten thing but dealing with the present scenario calls for something very-very disciplined on our part. We are not just we anymore. We are the world now. Each resident of each country carries a possible help for each citizen of a far-off country. If we are sick, the world is not going to recover. 

I expressed my feelings to a friend that I was not expecting such tough things to happen in this modern age. He made me recall history. The Nuclear Bombs, Partitions, wars and so much of natural calamities that have washed away life in a single stroke. He added the fact about the human capability of bouncing back.

He said that it is always about what we do with the circumstances imposed on us. There are people who are making songs and memes on Corona. TikTok, Facebook, youtube and our WhatsApp university is filled with the messages and forwards on the Yo Corona theme. There are people making money and there are people finding time with themselves. There are many who are thinking of alternative ways to keep their business going. These businessmen are not the ones engaged with the market. Rather they are the teachers and learners. By making teachers come to schools and universities, the employers have been doing something irrational as well as inhuman. Now, the government has been sending guidelines that have got everyone home, teachers are also coming to their reading tables at home. 

As we are left to the internet and inside of homes now, we can add something fruitful. There is no alternative either. So, education and learning should not be forgotten because we are going to get back to the same chores of life. Parents and Teachers (away from classrooms) can connect Online now. They need to keep reminding their students and kids that things are going to be fine. The classes and learning together in the classrooms will be back on track once we beat this corona thing. 

Let's move on to understand how can we make the maximum of this time. It is a double-benefit formula. By engaging our learners online, we are also keeping them at home, at a safer place than the outside one. We also send this message firmly that Social Distancing is Social Responsibility now. Isolation is not forced on us. It is our choice to maintain safety. It is totally reciprocal and rewarding if done honestly.

It is the technology which is the right door for us. If we are able to leverage this resource now, we shall appreciate ourselves later. Teachers and parents (who are also teachers) can do wonders now. Engaging students in these pre-exam days with something that they feel worthy of their time is the key. Using Edmodo, Quizizz, Social and Professional Media platforms, Hangout Meets, Skype and Zoom etc, Google Classroom, Youtube and PlayPosit, Hot Potatoes, HP Edcast MOOCs, and lot more from the EduSoMedia Model can be integrated to this right door idea.

We can even use WhatsApp to connect better. Avoiding the circulation of so-called funny messages, mocking someone or even corona, we can bring forward a healthier dialogue. The humour is required; comedy is uncalled for in tough times. The lockdown isn't a common thing to see for this age. We may have seen Tsunami or humongous cyclones, but this attack is unprecedented because it has come at a time when the world has become one market, one village and one playground for the life-Olympics. 

Knock at the right door. Stay Positive about yourself. Taking the necessary precautions, step ahead to read, write and watch something meaningful. Spend time with family and talk to friends regularly. Corona is something to be afraid of when you are careless and people around are unconcerned.

Let's appreciate all those who are busy making the world safe.

Let's wake up to Goodness of Heart and Life. Let's TEACH and LEARN MORE!


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