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Everybody wakes up. Most of the time in the morning. But the number of Sun-Seeing People is not a big one. We wake up to move out in the world. We wake up not to walk east to see the Dusk. We wake up to be a part of the working world which has timings to reach the offices. Opening your eyes is not enough to call it a day. Something more, worthwhile has to be done to the rise of the self.

What's in a Morning? Life, precisely. When you wake up with the will and take a walk around, you find that there are fewer possibilities to make you wander away. It's a walk, run or you sit and see people moving with a single purpose- Adding the Dusk to their Day!

Our awakening is a matter of our awareness about self. We are not made of some bio-degradable plastic or some strange man-made stuff. It's nature that has made us like its own self. The elements we carry demand nourishment and a connection with the source. If we would have been trees or birds, we would have kept nature near us, in us actually. But we aren't divine. We are doomed to die a death of ageing. Hence, finding our purpose and priorities can help a bit.

Morning walk as an anti-depressant. It releases our dark sense to light. Of course, it is a matter of choice and there must be some people who have things to manage. They have reasons not to wake up to the morning. 

We were asked once about a suitable audience to connect for the promotion of a good product and cause. The answer we could reach was to wake up in the morning and introduce the thing to 'Morning Walkers. Those who wake up, dress up are the people we should walk to. The reasons are simple and straight. They have more to do and think of their health and well being. Besides, their early rise gives them a longer day to live and work.

Robin Sharma has written a book with the title - The 5 AM Club. He brings to us the idea of waking up and using the Sunrise to wake up our Competence and Goodness. The achievers of the world are all early risers and that makes them get an early fulfilment of life. He says:

“Take excellent care of the front end of your day, and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Own your morning. Elevate your life.”
― Robin Sharma, The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life

The disclaimer: The People Who Wake Up but don't wake up for the Dusk or the Walk cannot credit themselves with the benefits of the Woken Up Club. It's the purpose that adds worth, not just the presence in the ground. So, take a call today and wake up tomorrow to see the Sun and the magical canvas in the sky, well before the sun comes to view. This recipe can be followed even for a single day or two if it is not possible for someone to practice the routine. I have an office to attend and get to see the sunrise while travelling. The formula is to experience the morning. You may get to walk any day but the sense of appreciation should be inculcated well in advance.

The way you marvel at the beauty of Nature, the chirping of birds and the serene steps of the walkers is the way you get to learn life. The one taking vegetables to the sale, the one going back from his night duty as a security guard, the one driving a bicycle to work, the one who drops newspapers to homes, all showcase our world. There are lives within lives when we see them start our day.

The way walking makes you feel connected with yourself, an eye for the dusk shall give you a sense of self-connect. You accept it or not, this ‘connection’ is the life primer for us.

Let’s not just wake up, but – WAKE UP TO THE MORNING!

About the Author
Author: Parveen Sharma Website:
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