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COVID has brought us on our knees. Now we see the ground with a close insight. It is our own ground that we have not been able to re-visit since we jumped into the well of earning well for the world. The blind-race we were running is on a slowdown in the lockdown. It seems the right time to understand what we know as ‘Immunity’ now.

Our mind is its own place. It can transform the hell into heaven. It is equally capable to do the otherwise as well. Like a wild horse, it needs taming, training and teaching. The distinction that it carries makes it a demanding agent each day. You have to constantly maintain a vigil with the above 3 T’s. Each moment, with each word spoken by you or to you, mind hunts for some dull spots. Dull does not mean being pessimistic, it is about the tendency of an untrained mind actually.

What does it mean to train your mind? The training stands for the competence we can inculcate in the shape of self-management. At certain times we do realise that the mind has worked well and managed to ‘manage a possible catastrophe’. This is what we can get if a regimen is followed by us. However, this small post cannot prescribe a solution to make you immune. But the vulnerability can be reduced with some efforts and some cleverly drawn fences. Yes, ‘fence’ is what I just mentioned. I do remember what a poet, the one we got to know well in our English Literature studies, said – Good Fences make Good Neighbours. The legendary Robert Frost did mean that we need to stay aware of who is around but the entry should not be granted without a proper check.

The immunity we are talking of is the Mental Immunity against anything which is a NOISE. Any object or objection; a thing or thought; a person or place; or a problem or profit, must not be welcomed to challenge your health. We know the way we can turn our eyes off from a thing that does not look pleasant to us. The immunity for the mind comes this simple. Turn your eyes off the things not meant for you; Do not listen to something that you feel does not deserve a place in your intellect.

The rule book for physical immunity has been there around us. It is about your diet charts, physical work-out and numberless Do’s and Don’ts given. But what makes us prone to fall even with a small insect bite is the mental surrender we do. I, you and all know this, have gone through this and often carry this weakness as well. The right thing is not to allow it to expand into a threat. When we see it as a threat, we start inviting the trouble. But when we colour the negativity with our own colours, things look different because they become different.

Your Immunity shall be based on how and what you think IMMUNITY is. If you consider it something made of your weight, Hemoglobin levels and platelet counts, you might be grabbing a wrong idea. Do not forget that you and I need to ‘Command Peace’ rather than waiting for it to happen to us. Immunity is what keeps us safe from diseases. Immunity is what helps us in getting well. Immunity is what we can feel when we face weakness and turn prone to a certain disease, be it COVID 19 or it is SARS or DENGUE or MALARIA or some other declared-fatal phenomenon.

We need to have this virtue of resistance, protection and invulnerability in the lockdown. There are troubles and threats; challenges and confusions, illness and illiteracy around us.  We need to demand from ourselves:

  • Immunity from Lethargy and Aimlessness
  • Immunity in Relationships
  • Immunity in Our Social Network
  • Immunity in the Digital Universe
  • Immunity from Impatience
  • Immunity in Jobs

Please do not read this ‘Immunity’ as Mental Health. It does lead to mind's health but immunity is your preventive strength against all odds. You need to see that being strong does not only safeguard your health, it welcomes goodness and positivity as well. You become more prone to gain than to lose. The key is in looking at the ways you think and the things you think about. Set the priorities right. Correct them or even replace them, if needed. It is all in the mind, remember that.

Do Not be a Dead Wood! Learn the things your future self will be thankful for. It is the journey that keeps things breathing and alive, not the status quo.

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