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Talking about him falls not under the category or news or academics, it is only one feeling that I can share and that is a sense of loss. I got this news from my wife and could not say much. It was a strange feeling that I felt once or twice at the death of someone in the family. The zero gravity at the loss. When you can speak less about it; but you do speak a lot.

There is a less number of names that we can recall, who were loved when there and were loved even after. There are fewer people like the man whom we just lost. He wasn't supposed to go. Like legend Jagjit Singh, it seems, I lost someone I was always considering my own. I do remember asking the students if they know him and when I used to find someone who would say that this is a new name, my reaction was a rebuttal of the existence he was having in the classroom. 

I do not remember all the names of his movies but when I watched him, it was like identifying with his words and expressions. His serene smile and the serious note he used to add to each word has been matchless. His humour and the subtleness in bringing the best of a satirical expression is par excellence. He is gone and I lost one more whom I was craving to see, willing to touch someday. Life is transient and we all must go the way. But he knew how to live and make space for himself in the lives of all who got to see him, not just as an actor but as a human. 

He went away like the wind or the breath I just had. I would have hugged him tight and would have loved seeing him talking to me. But, good things don't last forever. He has been the BEST, he was bound to go, as he himself said that through his words. The outpouring we see all around is a testimony that dying can be a life, it can be a message. He went away, not because he did something wrong. Rather it is our destiny that has taken him away. How could he deny what was there for him? 

He was an actor, a human and he was THE IRRFAN KHAN! He deserves a place in our memories and life, as no other one can. He is a motivation and a presence which shall remain inspiring. 

The addition of was is a tough thing to add though. God Give HIM the best of PEACE and Let Him be assured that HE has been loved and millions of us are feeling a sense of loss. 


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