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Smriti Bhardwaj has been there as a guide for around a decade now. As a Mentor and real elder, she has guided me remotely and made me realise the worth of 'Choose to be Happy'. These four words change the whole paradigm of feelings and responses to life.

I wish to salute her for the inspiration she has planted in my life and in the life of many.

I am as crazy as she is and she is as crazy as I am! We are the spoiled brats of the same mentor. We think on the same grounds, though she takes the things to a real worth high.

She is elder to me and it is worth having an elder sister like her who is a magician! The one with a blissful smile and a style which resonates life. Her smiles and the Grab Life attitude never seems to fade.

Someone who is known for not many years but someone who seems connected for ages is what I feel of Smriti Di! She deserves a mention because she is one of those lighthouses that guide thousands like me.

Dr. Smriti Bhardwaj, teaches, trains, sings, writes and counsel with a divine ecstasy on her face while she travels from one assignment to another. She has taught us the slogan of life: Choose to be Happy!

This slogan may ripple multiple connotations for all. Like, if you cannot change; if you cannot overturn the times, then better you face it with happiness and make a choice for your own happiness! Guru Nanak has also given the golden words when he said, "Resign thyself to thy fate and be patient." We have learnt from the great Guru to enterprise with determination as well. 

The above set of words was written in 2018 and was kept as a draft for a detailed post. Then, one day her presence as an Eklavya, inspired again and the following salutations emerged from the core of dedicated heart.  

The Inspiring Eklavya: Why Smriti?

I felt aloof today and told them I am happy. I shared what people around me suggested about shifting to the top floor cabin where the summers might be hotter than the first floor. There is no AC to the cabin. The response my mind has kept is that it is good. I will get to sit in the library which must be having the AC arrangement.

I told the kids that it is all in the mind. It is the mind which makes hell out of heaven and heaven of hell. Quoting Satan or John Milton is easy when you have a subject in hand related to each day of life. I feel that happiness is more of a decision that you take rather than something as its source. It is very much in you and the need is to awaken the inner self to be happy. My mentor, elder sister, as crazy and weird as I feel I am, Dr. Smriti Bhardwaj is behind this learning of life.

I wondered on the ease and subtleness she has in her words when she speaks of her life. Never have you heard her say that it's going that bad to declare life unhappy. She understands life in an actual sense. I won't say she knows it, but life seems to be very open to her.

She is a teacher, theatre artist, writer and motivator. As a life coach, she unfolds the intricate contours of life to all who get to meet her in class or in her sessions.

I am fortunate that I got to meet her as a family member and that gave me the privilege to write about her. Smriti Bhardwaj is not a superhuman, nor less than that. Our alien definition of super-heroes will fail to fit her in but a humane portrait shall surely reflect her charm and serenity.

She is from the same Anoop Lather brotherhood which has been trained to rule with sense and smartness. The humbleness and dedication are towering. Creativity and compassion are fathomless. I see her embracing each trace and particle of life that happens to come her way. I see the students who are being taught by her as blessed. She is a total Teacher Material who must be made to remain a change-maker. We need more such Humans who have a working and healthy creative mind with intellect.

She represents the Life Long Learning Spirit of Eklavyaism and this post is to wish her best for being an 'Inspiring Eklavya' forever!

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