Teacher Motivation

  • Anoop Lather's PUCP Concept of Training-Educating-Teaching can prove to be a panacea in the current scenario of bewilderment among students. They need to learn; they certainly need to mend their fences against procrastination and confusion.

  • Smriti Bhardwaj has been there as a guide for around a decade now. As a Mentor and real elder, she has guided me remotely and made me realise the worth of 'Choose to be Happy'. These four words change the whole paradigm of feelings and responses to life.

  • Life of a Student is Beautiful. One who learns life is a student and one who doesn't is merely a presence. Teachers also learn while imparting learning. So our discussion henceforth refers to the learners vis-a-vis Students.

  • India, my country, your country, a nation we live in and live for!

    India, our motherland- our Supreme Deity- the Most Immortal!

  • For some reason known to the intellect, I trust the students I teach or I have taught. There is a guarantee that I shall continue to maintain trust in them. This species, called students, has been classified into many different labels.