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The Memoirs are live now. These have always been live and alive actually. One cannot forget the students who have remembered him. Master Ji Ki Diary opens with Page 1 today and you can listen to Shobhit Jolly Sethi - My Student. It is worth the time when we dive deep into their thoughts and expressions. 


Shobhit has been working with DareToGear  - An Adventure Sports Company. He leads cycling expeditions and is an avid rider himself. He did his Mechanical Engineering from Amity University Noida with me as his Communication Skills teacher.  He has been a wonderful learner since then. He visited us at Kurukshetra and that meeting remains a precious memory. This boy is a passionate reader, life-long learner and makes sense when he speaks. At his age, he is not extra-mature, he is what one needs to be to make a mark in life.  When we see him, it is like learning to know ''How one can keep himself HAPPY and Add that Bliss to Everyone around him'.  Shobhit fondly recalls the moments that connected me to him. I really wonder about the 'proxy' Episode he mentioned. He has appreciative memories of his school teachers as well. As the icing on the cake - He is an excellent listener. This can be observed when he allows the other to complete sentences, gives a chance to speak first. As someone who believes in "I Love Myself" his life philosophy has been: In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.

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