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Online Courses - MOOCs are the best windows to the world of Skills, Exposure and Awareness. These small-customised and most of the time accessible to all courses can really bring a good amount of learning to all, indeed to ALL. If you still do not know about MOOCs or have not done even a single MOOCs, there seems to be a gap between you and the world of learning, let's bridge it now.

We have seen the online world reaching the most significant place in this pandemic. Education has survived on the basis of these advancements only. The virtual learning domain has made it possible. And, to see it logically, the presence of tech-based learning has been there. It just got expanded and got due recognition in the global lockdown. The best thing about the use of technology is not its affordability or ease in usage rather the 'democratic' nature makes it the best buddy we have in Life-Long Learning. MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses - represent the new age of learning. The motto is simple - Anyone, at any place, of any economic status, can do these courses depending on the access to the Internet. We are sharing a list of some platforms where Online Courses and now Degrees are offered. Of course, you will get more such, these are just the representative ones. Share your findings in the comments to this post.
The mentioned websites with their benefits are:

An excerpt from the Blog: The MOOCs Magic

Introduced to Skills: The students in the classrooms have a ritualistic curriculum and a stereotyped way of delivering the completion report of the syllabus to the students. MOOCs introduce the learners to subjects, even the same concepts. But the subjects are expected to become their SKILLs because they have endeavoured to learn. This introduction to Skills helps in future to introduce their 'enhanced Skills-sets to employers.

Peer to Peer Alternative Topic to Talk: One must not speak unless he can improve the silence. One must not talk unless one does not make sense. One must not learn unless one cannot share learning. In the age of PUBG and Tik-Tok, the youngsters in schools and colleges can be given something alternative to talk about. This might give them an educative diversion for some time.

Collaboration: One of the primary skills that the business and the corporate world demands are that of Collaboration. If you cannot work with people and cannot collaborate, you are far away from 21st-century skills. Working Together is as much a career skill as it is a human need now. Participation with MOOCs can help us collaborate with students and even the learners come together to share learning.

Engagement with Technology: Entertainment is not the decoration of walls and ways. It is rather engaging the audience by customising the messages and products. MOOCs shall help us learn that Technology isn't an alien thing and our healthy engagement can actually empower us better than ever. The purpose of motivating the youngest students in HigherEd classroom should focus on the establishment of this culture.

Employability: No use in citing data because we all know that employers are no more happy with the quality of graduates. To be employable, one needs both the Knowledge and Competence to present-cum-utilise them. MOOCs, let a person enhance employability- the potential, capability and utility by introducing them to exceptional learning opportunities.

Multi-Dimensional Skills Sets: There is no space in the world for those who are obsessive about being linear in their skills. If you can perform well in more than one vertical or field of work, you have healthy chances of getting acknowledged. A 3D movie keeps the eyes glued more than a single D. MOOCs provide the opportunity to earn other skills as well as advanced skills.

The Happiness of Accomplishment: There is a direct relationship between Reward and Motivation to do something. Certificates matter a lot to the Millennials. The acquisition of a Certificate, outside the 'enrolled' institution, is called an Accomplishment. The same way a dance or music or Orator wins and earns a sense of pride, A MOOC Learner wins the Happiness of Accomplishment for his own self. It does feel good to have a number of MOOCs in your kitty.

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