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Life on the internet isn't easy because we end up getting heavily spammed by the information overload and don't know how to sort it! If you have been experiencing serious concerns and problems with the packed inbox of your Gmail service, 

let me share with you something really helpful. It is to help you find out which e-mail or e-mails are loaded with heavy space killing attachments. 

I got to see many such outpourings over the forums where all were searching for an easy way to Delete the Mails That have Attachments. HOW EASY IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IF WE CAN SORT-SEE THE EMAILS WITH ATTACHMENTS!

Platypus ManAdam Dachis made a true assertion in one of the queries found on the web
"This just begs the question I've been asking for years — why is there no way to just delete attachments? Your space is hogged up with all these giant file attachments you've saved over the years, but to reclaim the space you have to delete the actual emails to which the large files are attached. It should really be simple and I don't understand why it hasn't been implemented yet."

How about us? We also see the notice many times and don't know any other way but delete all emails from the mailbox. Then after some days, we feel we should have kept a certain e-mail which was not carrying anything more than 1-2mb.

All this happened to me many times and I had no option other than deleting in bulk. Select All and Delete All and then Visit Bin and then Refresh to see that You have Finally been able to MAKE SOME SPACE!
Let's see the Panacea from Google- Gmail, already available but not known!
That's why they say - A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing! - We better explore the Helpful Features given to us.
See the screenshot of the search bar in the mailbox.


Type size followed by a colon: i.e. size:
Then write the size of the attachments/attached file/s you want to sort.
For example, to sort all e-mails that have 5MB or more sized attachments, type size:5000000
SEARCH and see the Magic of getting helped by an already given facility we have been unaware of.

We advise that once we have been able to sort these heavy mails, better we delete them after looking at the Sender/Subject.

The same way we can put other range of attachment size as well.
Change it to 3000000 or 2000000 or even 1000000 for 3MB/2MB/1MB.

Know Google to the Maximum for the Best Use of the Best Web Service all over the world.
This makes you a Digitally Skilled and Internet Mature User!

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About the Author
Author: Parveen Sharma Website: https://linktr.ee/teacherparv
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