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Observation 01: This is the right time to say that we are heading towards a successful failure. The time to wake up was yesterday and we have been left in a state of shock now. The state of affairs is grim and there seems to be no possibility of a solution. Soon, the edifice is to fall on the ground of reality.

The carelessness we have lived with is going to kill our future generations.

Observation 02: There is no need to panic. The situation is under control and we have nothing to fear of. The exposure of internet is bound to come with some risks and there is nothing new to this. Each technology has its negatives. We need not worry and must not keep a vigil on children as if they are some criminals. Schools are doing the best and we need to agree with their observation that there is a need to perfect the children to face tough competition in careers. All is Well, to be precise!

Recently arrested by the Russian Police, the female "death group administrator" has become popular more than he age. Being just 17, yes! it's indeed not an age where we expect someone to rule over the internet and make the fellow humans kill themselves. But she has done so. WHY? The answer is yet to be unearthed but one thing is for sure that the pervertedness in the mind is causing a lot of trouble of the world. 

 A news report, titled with the words of the boy who had got into the ill-intended game: They will kill me... is the latest addition to the cries, we have been witnessing for some months.

The challenge based game which is 'creating psychologically traumatising situations' and lead the player to harm himself and gradually commit suicide is under scanner now. The government of India and many other state governments have said that they are moving ahead to ban the game and have blocked the access.

The interesting thing is that the government has also circulated advisories to the schools and parents. The irony is that the same people who have been digital immigrants, who have not been aware at all about the good-bad of the internet are asked to be the saviours. The training standards for teachers are not satisfactory and we do not see any fault on their side as they have also been proudly ignorant to the sensible use of ICT and Internet. When we see the social media presence of people engaged in teaching and education, we are left with less of surprise and more of dejection.

Absentee Parents

This is probably the hardest hitting factor, but at the end of the day, parenting style plays a major role in how the child sees himself or herself with respect to the world. Today it is not common place for both parents to be working, resulting in the child mostly having to pre-occupy their time with smartphones and tablets. The significantly reduces social time with the parents (with respect to time spent with a smartphone/tablet). With children spending more and more time on digital devices with lesser and lesser oversight, it is easy to see why a child would easily be ensnared in a game that promises to put all the spotlight on the child. In the words of Blue Whale challenge creator, Peter Budeikin, through the game, children are given “what they didn’t have in real life: warmth, understanding, connections.” (IE)

Letter from the Women and Child Welfare Minister, India- To Principals of all schools in India


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Author: Parveen Sharma Website: eklavyaparv.com
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Internet Maturity
EklavyaParv is the Life Long Learning platform of UniSkills School of Skill Development. Working on the motivational trilogy of Enhance-Empower-Encourage, 'UniSkills' is providing learning contents to learners across the globe as its Open Educational Resources (OERs) initiative. Parveen Kumar Sharma is a Skill Development Facilitator and Communication Skills Expert. He has been working in the areas of Communication Skills, EdTech, Internet Maturity, Academic Intervention and Skill Development for more than a decade. Currently he is working as a Faculty at MM (Deemed to be) University, Mullana, Ambala (Haryana) INDIA