Imagination is more important than Knowledge

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What you know is of no use if you cannot make good use of it. Our previous knowledge gives us a unique competence. It is the power to imagine. Do not think that one cannot imagine if he does not know about a particular thing beforehand. We mean, if you know about one thing then you can 'imagine' more. That is what children do.

Have you ever 'connected the dots' and felt like the Sherlock Holmes' or the super-intelligent detective who could figure out something far from the imagination of others? The moment you felt the 'eureka' happening in your life is that time of the day you became creative. Now, looking at this formula, most of us have such things happening each day. Hence, we are creative - we do have imagination in us. The problem is, we are being denied the freedom to imagine in the works we do or even the conversations we undertake. We might be experts at the task of 'connecting the dots' but as an integral life skill, Imagination has been pushed to the backseat.

Movies, books and real-life incidents lead us to appreciate people who have accomplished a lot. their leadership and perseverance have been ideal for the world. The attributes that worked for them are in the public domain through their biographies and talks. We are attracted to what is being sold. The applause that happens while they receive the awards includes an appreciation of their 'action' about how they chose to THINK. This blog does not want you to break all the rules or the norms of working. Do not leave this world to make your own. be here and make it adapt to your idea, thoughts and determination. HOW YOU THINK is what changes the equations in your favour when you apply a sensible amount of creativity

Friends, you must have heard - Think Out of the Box! - If we say that "There is no box at All!"

Now it is you who is going to frame the outlines; who will see the targets and; who can make a difference.

There are many personalities and human attributes being sold these days. We are all in search of the best in ourselves. The sad part of this story is our ignorance of the fact that what we are searching for is already in us. This is not philosophy but the physics of life. Like a child, who has seen less of the world, one can start making the best of the inherent power to expand thoughts and ideas. You can try this by a simple exercise. 

Sit with the absence of any diversion, like mobile or tv. And just think of what you want to do to make something better. Your thoughts will start getting connected and will flow in an invisible direction. There might be a blockage. Of so, remember you are not in a room now. So, there are no doors. Take about the route to the continuity of ideas that seem to connect with the other.

The deposit of awareness kept with you for some emergency use in future is what we can think of as knowledge. Now, the emergency does not mean some calamity or some discount season to celebrate. It is right here now. What you know, what you can do and what you see as relevant, deserves to come to the public zone.

Imagination is situated between our perception and understanding. Hume and Kant gave this idea and we see its applicability in this century. We perceive things and then we are able to understand them only through the lens of that perception. The narrow or liberal window that we open for the world to enter our lives is what matters the most. Any bias or even a mental lock will forbid us from growing towards the better side of a being. We do not see what is 'possible' and get obsessed with what is available. The way children learn and break all the rules of stereotyped learning is an inspiring thing. When we look at a child who has not learned to speak and walk, we do see the imagination in action. the eyes move with the things. Legends, who have challenged the world order of thinking; who have questioned the rigidity of reality, have been like the children who find imagination as a natural right with them. Imagination is not just playing with the crayons, it is carving on paper what you are travelling with.

The magic of imagination lies in the ability to be creative, innovative and enterprising. Not giving up on something and trying to make the best of everything is also an attribute. Diving deep into the magic of words while one reads poetry or fiction; flying with the kite and bird that creates life in the air; tapping the floor on the beats of music and talking to people by involving yourself completely in the conversation are some of the things that add to our imagination quotient.

Sir Ken Robinson laments appropriately that creativity and imagination are killed at the very place where these are to be nurtured and inculcated.


Winners and losers are not decided by rankings or judgements made on the floor. What determines our being a natural winner in life is our thinking. The world is a cruel place, dear friends. It has sponsored the murder of creativity for ages as this very power of the mind is a threat to those who want to rule you. The skill to imagine is not a thing to invent but to re-kindle and revive. 

Get some time to understand how Imagination works for us:

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