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Karma is one thing that is the pivotal point of our life. We might get engaged in any type of trivial pursuit, material race or self-appeasement by fabricating a comfort zone around us. But, when it comes to self-assessment and realisation of the purpose of our life, all these temporary shelters vanish with a blow of wind.

Courage is the first thing to have to initiate a conversation with our own self. The open-eyed rat-race, that we are indulged in, shall look worthless the moment we see the first particle of our focus and purpose. Grit and Self-belief are something that does not happen to us by an accident, it is there in us. We can awaken these virtues by the way 'Quest for Life' is seen by us. A determination, daring to challenge the unconquered, and an unending quest to live your life the way you want it, is what defines our Karma and makes us a Karamveer, a True KarmaYogi!

A Veer, the braveheart is one who speaks what comes from his trained rational mind. He possesses a reasonable amount of common sense like all of us, but the distinction that he carries is the competence to use this power of the mind. It is not a surprise to see him and get tempted to question him on the pursuits he has defined for himself. He dared the 100% disability tag and re-defined, in fact, rejected the man-made limitations of passion, bravery, conviction and self-awakening. He wrote books, he started ADAA and the charity initiative went on to become a unique addition to the lives of thousands who were given a life that they made themselves. In 2004, he made a world record of non-stop driving for 55 hours, to the highest mountain pass, 1400 feet higher than the Mt. Everest, Marsimik La at 18632 feet. The record stands unbeaten after 15 years.

He drives a Mahindra Get-away with an accuracy that is found missing in us. He told us ones that one does not need an SUV or some giant vehicle to scale the mountains, “ONE NEEDS The WILL TO DO SO!” That really sounds true. Navin had started his quest to reach the Marsimik on a Maruti 800! The Victory happened after many failed attempts that made him braver and added to his determination.

He has given a number of TED Talks and has also been interviewed by various media channels. His YouTube channel takes us to an inspiring journey that has a lot to give us in terms of true motivation. Those who have met him, get inspired just by the thought of knowing him. Navin might not be knowing but there are people like me, and around me, who when depressed or beaten by circumstances, just think of him and Get Back to the Tracks. His unending spirit of celebrating life is so ‘cool’ that you wonder sometimes and you love on others.

Karma Yogi

An Ex-Army Officer and a World Record Holder in adventure Sports, Navin Gulia is a multiple award-winning, internationally acclaimed, Author, Adventurer, Thinker, Orator and Social Worker. 
He writes in three languages and is known for his exemplary service in motivating the youth to make a better world and his work in the service of the underprivileged children.

He feels for the intellectual blindness of young generation. Any kind of obsessions of ideology or motive stands rejected by him. He demands serenity and wisdom in what we do and think. His views on Patriotism are so subtle that one does not need to research more after listening to him. You should watch his youtube presence and his words of wisdom will surely add to your understanding of life. This Interview carries a taste of the KarmaYogi Navin's Life and Mind:


His recent book on Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh is a treatise for the neo-Lost Generation to get back to their senses. Not by comparing them or twisting the facts, he brings his own understanding of the duo who are celebrated Sons of the Nation. Gandhi Bnaam Bhagat: Ek Sant Ek Sainik (One a Saint and One a Soldier) must be read by those who have a desire to bring their mind to senses about the two.

He is blunt in his remarks about all the things happening around. He has reason and rationality in his expressions because he thinks from a perspective which is unbiased and unaffected by anything. His openness to life and winning encounters have made him a hard-core believer of Karma. He says, destiny is not something we can change, but we can certainly do our Karma to make a mark on the pages of destiny. 

Navin carries a healthy and mature sense of humour and is a fun-loving person. When I say, fun-loving, I mean he can match us in our age and shall leave us behind when it comes to pursuing interests and passion. You can see him enjoying sandwiches at a street-food joint and coffee just before the event. We also see him cracking jokes on friends and reciting his ‘Sher’ (Couplets) with pure involvement in the words. He is romantic at heart and firm in words.

Veer Poem Navin Gulia

KarmaYudh Poem Navin Gulia

His autobiography is one of the bestsellers and has become a motivating lighthouse for the readers. In Quest of the Last Victory can be read in English or Hindi. Navin is so different in the sense that he sends all his books as e-books to anyone who asks for it. He isn't worried about the money thing. His priorities are his Karma. His Quest lies in the journey he has embarked on and there is no end to discovering the inherent potential, this is what he lives for.

I am nothing except my Karma! : Navin Gulia

Navin has been an elder brother who has blessed me with an unending amount of belief in life and Karma. As an Eklavya, who learns because he wants to learn, Navin is a part of life which leads my mind to challenge and have courage. To believe in Him is like having a true understanding of what Karma should be. It is not possible to sum-up Navin in just one blog post.

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