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Corona has connected the whole world. We know the number of countries in the world and we know where they are located. Globe seems so small today in the literal sense. People are dying of something known but still unknown. COVID has left us with one choice alone: Distancing ourselves and ensure that we do not get into open to meet people. Isn't it intriguing?

The same way we possess the capacity of ruining what is meant for us, we humans are competent enough to bounce back as well. This relates to the pandemic Covid 19 and has more lessons than the ones we have been able to derive from its spread worldwide. Nature is certainly an important stakeholder though this does not mean we start a debate into what is nature and whatnot. We cannot afford to waste time on the eating habits nor can we carry on with the Boasting-baggage of Great Indian Culture and Namaste. 

What we need to acknowledge is that it is one connected land and this fearful virus has proved it yet again. The borders are meaningless now. However, they do have a meaning when we see that countries are picking up their residents and bringing them back to their own boundaries. Not because they want to get back to their motherland for the sake of love but the denial of support by a foreign land is the unsaid cause. First, we saw that political nations are putting walls to avoid the entry of fellow humans fleeing from their earlier residential lands due to inhuman reasons. Then we see that the whole world is silent, utterly mute about the awkward situation. The measures are being taken and simultaneously we see that economies are crumbling. What is more alarming is the uncovering of "We are not ready for such calamities" fact. Of course, one cannot claim readiness against nature.

Coronavirus has challenged the whole world of medical scientists and has posed a danger to the technology-driven world. Our habits have been disastrous to the planet. We knew this but could not stop causing that. The only solution advocated with a constitutional-like authority is 'Social Distancing'. It does not come at a cost. It is just a thing to be done. What the world is finding tough is how to make it possible for people to live with reasonable ease, without moving out in public. 

Isn't it a new term we have got to know - Social Distancing. The remedy must be a common term for doctors and experts engaged in tackling such outbreaks. But, in this age of intelligence (Real or AI) for all, the entry of such measures in our social fabric shall go a long way to distance us from each other. The alternative truth is that we aren't connected anymore. The distance which is prescribed is merely a physical act now. We have chosen to find ways to deal with an unknown enemy by distancing until we get equipped.

Through mind and heart, the world has distanced itself from its own species. We are even an alien presence to the other living creatures. Nature was abandoned long back. If this attack is making us think about mending our ways to interact with nature, it is high time that we do so sincerely. Sad enough to cite that such opportunities have been missed in past as well.

Coronavirus is not about the number of deaths. It is about the impact felt by the world. It is not a war or a Tsunami, neither is it an earthquake or a 9/11. It is a failure of the world which had claimed to win over everything. It is a failure of the political leaderships who kept us busy with immensely idiotic things. Dividing societies, cultures, genders, nations and taking up the task of serving people to make money for themselves, the caretakers have looted us of our inherent capabilities of tackling many more COVIDs.

There is less to say about Profit mongers who have empires making medical products. The Ones in Power are not expected to be smart while ruling over a dumb mass. The Fun Lovers have found the box of chocolates for them and they are just forwarding any kind of rumour or any exclusive remedy.
The Panic-stricken humans on the ground are in a fix. That is the crucial thing. There are no free cakes and they need to keep their lives going. But, what to do, other than or along with social distancing? Take the recommended precautions and detach yourself from those people and places where contact with Covid is possible, even slightly.

Remember that this recommendation stands valid to safeguard your health from any contact with the virus. It is not to be allowed to male home in your heart. We cannot afford to distance ourselves from society. We have already moved far away from the world. More will make us move in the out-of-sight land.

Social distancing now is one of the greatest calls for altruism. - JEFF MARTIN, MD, MPH

Do not allow this physical distancing meant to prevent the virus to enter your behaviour patterns. Once fine, we shall be back to business the way we have always been. Don't forget:

Out of Sight is Out of Heart!
Make a Call To Your Friends and Family.
Keep them Connected, even at a distance!


PicSrc: Pixabay

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