Master Ji Ki Diary PAGE 03 - Ishani Luthra

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Ishani Luthra has been my student since the Amity days. She did her B. Tech. in Computer Science and went on to experience the technological world. Her creative spark and passion to learn led her to her actual love - Creative and Professional Writing. Now, she is a published author, acknowledged public speaker, blogger and event organiser. 

In this candid conversation, Ishani shares how she knows me, what made her appreciate the odd ways of my teaching and how she has evolved herself through the 'class assignment - Blogging' activity. It is quite interesting to reveal the secret behind the GD and Presentation Skills techniques, I used with them. She introduces her newly released book- The Candid Opinions - shares her experience at The Toastmasters (Public Speaking Club). She turns philosophical about learning and life but cannot separate herself from being a child. Ishani names the books she has read and recommends them for readers.

"The Candid Opinions: Because Life is Too Short for Not Being Original"

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Author: Parveen Sharma
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