Knowing JAPAN with Steve McCarty

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Japan is not just a country that inspires us through its discipline and technological advancements. It has made a mark on the minds and masses around the world through the 'peaceful' consistency in terms of political or business alignments. It has a colour and aura of its own; it has a subtle understanding of 'nationality' to offer, and it has a claim to get known in the 21st century.

I am a part of the Wisdom World School, Kurukshetra (INDIA). The school has a close connection with Japan as our founder-chairman Mr. Harish Sachdeva is settled there and heads a well-appreciated company. He is much connected with his homeland and works on the mission to contribute to education and social causes. Wisdom follows the Zenjin Education Philosophy, propounded by Kuniyoshi Obara. The whole person education, explained by Obara is the vision of the school and we toil hard to add the same to our work here. Our students are studying at the Asia Pacific University thee and this also adds to a goodwill bond with Japan.

Then came the World Association for Online Education (WAOE) which was established around 1997-1998. I was a child back then and had not heard much about the internet. We used to see some internet cafe shops coming up and the rest was out of our access. Someone - to name PROF STEVE McCARTY- with an awe-inspiring appreciation - was there to not just think but establish WAOE, as one of the first collaborations to start working on Online Education as a vertical. I came in contact with Prof Steve Mc Carty through Dr. Ramesh C Sharma, who rightfully knows the best people in the area of EdTech and Online Education. Joining as a member of the WAOE has brought a strong global association as well as unending opportunities for me to learn and collaborate.

In one such group communication, Prof Steve, who is the simplest communicator I have known, stated with an innocent heart about his experience and the SPOKEN INTERNET. He also came to the mention of Japancasting Podcasts. I was lucky to read the message and respond with a willingness to contribute what I could. I fondly recall his very quick appreciative affirmation about my proposal. And today, when you see this blog post, EklavyaParv joins this Japancasting Podcast Series by Steve McCarty as the Host. 

Dr. Ramesh Sharma and I shall be assisting Prof McCarty in the streaming and shall host the podcasts as his volunteers.

Japancasting Podcasts by Steve McCarty are mostly short, free podcasts giving insight into Japan. There are lectures, interviews with professors, English or bilingual performances by students, and lessons that schools or universities may use. For everyone interested in Japan, including learners of English or Japanese.

About Steve McCarty: born in Boston, a longtime Professor of English in Osaka, a Japanese government lecturer, and the World Association for Online Education President. Asian Studies specialist, fluent in Japanese, and highly cited author. The author’s homepage can be accessed here.

Podcast Categories:

  • Traditional Japanese Culture and Religion
  • Contemporary Japanese Society and Education
  • East-West Comparative Culture
  • Languages and Linguistics
  • Online Education


One podcast is released every Tuesday at XX:30 IST (= GMT+5:30 hours). CC BY NC: Non-Commercial + Attribution (to Professor Steve McCarty)

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