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PEXELS dot com has been a companion providing quality graphics for the blogs on EklavyaParv. This website has been aggregating a stock of fine quality images that do relate to the intent of the writer and add an extra charm to the posts. While I write this post to acknowledge the PEXELS, I wish that you do visit their website.

When I started blogging on EklavyaParv, the knowledge about Writing for the Web was limited. I used to make images by editing them in MS Paint or with the iPiccy website. Then came the awareness about WordClouds and I could make a few good ones with the online tools. With the frequency of writing getting enhanced and the style improved a bit, I did lack the charm of Article Images. It was not easy to design images or depend on a graphic designer by engaging in discussions. Then came the rescuer who did not ask many questions. I just signed up and there it was an unending support system waiting to be utilised. I started downloading images and related them to the learning blogs that were meant for my students.

The interesting thing was the stimulus that the PEXELS images provided. I realised that one can actually derive ideas for blogs and detailed articles from the images. As it is said that Visuals are powerful tools to stimulate thinking and they assist us in better remembrance as well, I developed a few good articles FOR the images. Hence, sometimes the images guided me and sometimes I guided them to the family of blogs.

I often mention Blogging to my students and have been instigating and motivating them to join this global thing. I know that they may not face a hurdle in writing and getting a Content Management System (CMS) based website. But they will certainly feel slow about images. The dearth of ideas might look like a hurdle as well. Pexels solved both the problems for me to a large extent. I think more about selecting the most appropriate images and feel least worried about where to go for the images.

To summaries for you, I wish to share that ‘Pexels aggregates the best free photos in one place. Find great free photos that you can use everywhere.’ The free images that you need for your social media posts as well as for your blogs, can be taken from them. You find links to paid images of Shutterstock and other platforms as well. 

You can visit their website PEXELS dot com and can also join them on their social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

This post acknowledges their contribution to EklavyaParv blogs and also gives a special reference of courtesy to the Copyright-free images that we have shared without being able to copy-paste the exact link to the image source on Pexels. We express our gratitude to each contributor whose artistic work has been making us a website worth visiting.

IMAGES Courtesy: PEXELS :-) 

About the Author
Author: Parveen Sharma Website: https://linktr.ee/teacherparv
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