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Eklavyaism is Learning!

What is Eklavyaism?

Eklavya-ism is a concept in learning by self. This is a principle which denotes ‘self-learning’ and ‘self-perfectionism’. It is learning by observation too. In the absence of the teacher, the disciple learns by himself.

Mahabharata conveys ‘Eklavyaism’ as a learning philosophy. It is sometimes being recognised as a sentiment or a Bhava.

In the present day of the comprehensive global learning environment, which is marked by the competitive life, ‘Learning by Self’ has become a necessity. It is not forced upon us- but we learn by observation now. We are determined to learn so much that the twenty-four hours seem less and the physical presence cannot be given at all places at one time.

The advent of Education and Learning Technology is the product of Eklavyaism. The use of technology to stay connected with the ‘Teacher’ is what we practice today. Eklavyaism is credited with making the classroom an equal to life itself. The Modern day Advanced EdTech, EduSoMedia are an evidence of Eklavyaism. Learning by acknowledging the presence of KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS in someone, sitting far away across the globe is what we have been doing. This is what Eklavya did. He was the deprived one; we are the designated ones to do so.

Eklavya is known as the best disciple ever. Not because of his Guru- teacher taught him the best of the techniques and skills of archery, but for the dedication, he had for the Guru-The Teacher he took. The first colour of Eklavyaism is Respect for the Guru- The Teacher. This is an age when we need to adopt and adapt to education. When resources get caught in 'conflict of interest' and all are not able to receive the same facilities, Eklavyaism can be of great value.

Sugata Mitra, the 'man with a rational mission' has established this by his successful experiments (Hole in the Wall) with the installed monitors. Various movies have also said the same: Latest Hawa-Hawai, Iqbal and even the Tom Hanks's Cast Away says the same.

As said before, Eklavyaism is in the 'mind'. Eklavyaism is a belief in learning.

Let Us Celebrate Learning!



About the Author
Author: Parveen Sharma Website:
Founder and Skill Development Facilitator at UniSkills LLP
EklavyaParv is the Life Long Learning platform of UniSkills School of Skill Development, Kurukshetra (Haryana) INDIA. Working on the motivational trilogy of Enhance-Empower-Encourage, 'UniSkills' is providing learning contents to learners across the globe as its Open Educational Resources (OERs) initiative. Parveen Kumar Sharma is a Skill Development Facilitator and Founder of UniSkills. He has been working in the areas of Communication Skills, EdTech, Internet Maturity, Academic Intervention and Skill Development for a decade. His academic credentials are: M.Phil. (English), Post-graduation in English as well as in Journalism and Mass Communication. He holds a Bachelor of Education and more than 15 online certifications in various areas of learning. He is an ardent believer of Innovative Learning and has established 'EduSoMedia' (Education through Social Media) Model of Learning in HigherEd while working with his students at Amity University Noida (2009-2015). He is associated with various government and private organisations as an expert.