• An Ode to Library!

    A library is a sacred place that one starts feeling like contributing to the place. This is true for those who have been blessed with a good relationship with the Library. This might be a memory from the school days or the college life, Library remains something 'very own'.

  • Don’t Manage your Time, Manage your FOCUS!

    Bookshelves are crowded with books that offer to help the readers in their time management. The claims aren’t false but the methods are vague. Motivating one to manage time and keep an eye on the watch each moment, isn’t the real thing that one should be doing to manage time.

  • For the Humans Who DO NOT READ!

    Learning happened to us in two ways: Listening and Reading. The moment you read these two terms, you definitely feel that these are the forgotten ones. We do not listen for many reasons. We do not read for one reason only! The reason for NOT READING is actually NOT READING.

  • Glimpses from the National Education Policy 2019

    Education has been a commodity and in recent years, we have seen it transformed into a larger business than any other service sector. Billions are going to schools and getting conditioned for the future. One wrong is to prepare a generation for the future which is unknown. Still, we love this obsession of the FUTURE.

  • Knowing the Writer Bhagat Singh

    Bhagat Singh, the legend who re-defined Patriotism and Love for the Motherland in his own terms is as much unknown as he is popular among masses. What we know of him, seems to be the tip of the iceberg. I read a few pages of his works and felt that I really need to know him more.

  • Learner is Supreme


    “Education is one of the greatest gift for mankind. Each one of us must seek this enlightenment.” When Lailah Gifty Akita says this, she opens up the world on learning to us. Life would not have been so beautiful 

  • Listening: The Forgotten Art


    Listening is most rightly considered a forgotten art. With the advent of technology and learning advancements, we have set ourselves away from this required skill. There are occasions that make us realise that we have been mistaken in ignoring Listening as a part of our Communication.

  • Make a Community that Adds Joy to Life

    We should learn to socialise and make a community of friends and well-wishers. Sense of Saftey comes from the community. One who is part of a community can look for a reprise in times of emotional draught. Even during a professional crisis, the community comes to rescue you. Important things are to develop yourself as a community person among a sensible lot of people and maintaining the same for life.

  • Positive Utilisation of Creative Potential - PUCP

    Anoop Lather's PUCP Concept of Training-Educating-Teaching can prove to be a panacea in the current scenario of bewilderment among students. They need to learn; they certainly need to mend their fences against procrastination and confusion.

  • Preamble: The Indian Love Song

    In the last seven decades, India and Indians have come a long way from being humble-recently freed citizens to become nationals of a rising economic power in the world. We have seen changes that have transformed our ways of thinking as well as that of living. The New India we have received and created for the coming generations is considerably different from the one inherited by us.

  • Real Knowledge Comes Only through Intuition

    Swami Chinmayananda's Twitter account shared this message highlighting the importance of intuition. The followers of spirituality do trust the presence of the supreme self-soul in the body and also adhere to the notion of ‘intuition’.

  • Rescuing the Teachers

    A Terrible thing is happening to teachers. Something must be done! The disturbances are reaching their highest scale and the teachers who are teaching actually, are going to be left abandoned. There is a bleak picture, nightmarish devastation awaiting. There might not be a remedy if we do not wake up to the need of this very moment, forget the day.

  • Resolving the New Year Resolutions

    The New Year brings vibrations of positivity as well as togetherness. Millions, who otherwise skip connecting, send their wishes across boundaries and borders. What is so special about this thing called, NEW YEAR?

  • Sam Berns Knows What Communication is!

    Sam Berns

    A Salute-Tribute-Thanks to Sam Berns 'The Communicator' who said: “No matter what I choose to become, I believe that I can change the world.”  Happy Life is an easy thing to accomplish. We seldom give it a try and forget that it has been available around, but we ignored.

  • Spare the Future and Correct the Present

    Future is not a thing to be sold. But the Modern Business Model sells anything and everything. We have missed a very important aspect of our preparation for life and even after knowing the mistake, we are ignorant of that. The truth is that we have got obsessed with the branded product 'FUTURE' and have forgotten that it is the present- here and now- that we need to live.

  • Teachers are the Superheroes

    It is wonderful to see the sun rising over us; over everything that exists tall in itself but falls short when the giant comes shining. The time of completing this post is a 'sun rising' morning when, as a teacher, I am travelling to my workplace.

  • The Indian Celebration of Democracy

    Ask not what your country does for you; ask what you do for your country! Representing the heart of each part of the land which is free and is a sovereign nation, this quotation by Abraham Lincon is a celebration in itself.

  • There is a Mousetrap in the House

    Reciprocity is one of my favourite words that I always wish to write or speak about. To return the goodness shall definitely be something natural to a human. But, there have been things that show us the otherwise side of life.

  • What is EklavyaParv

    Eklavya is known to us in a very honest manner. He is an epitome of You Create YourSelf! There are no questions about his 'ethics or deeds' in comparison to the other legendary characters in the epic Mahabharata. He does stand in contrast to Arjuna, but we forget him once the story moves away to bloodshed. 

  • Why Fail the Future

    Being futuristic is common to human. We anticipate; imagine: expect and dream. In the run to the virtual fulfilment of the mirage, we sometimes miss the punch of rationality. Once, this self-inflicted procrastination is inflicted upon education, we should be aware of the repercussions and the remedies.