• Ask not what your country does for you; ask what you do for your country! Representing the heart of each part of the land which is free and is a sovereign nation, this quotation by Abraham Lincon is a celebration in itself.

  • Reciprocity is one of my favourite words that I always wish to write or speak about. To return the goodness shall definitely be something natural to a human. But, there have been things that show us the otherwise side of life.

  • Eklavya is known to us in a very honest manner. He is an epitome of You Create YourSelf! There are no questions about his 'ethics or deeds' in comparison to the other legendary characters in the epic Mahabharata. He does stand in contrast to Arjuna, but we forget him once the story moves away to bloodshed. 

  • Being futuristic is common to human. We anticipate; imagine: expect and dream. In the run to the virtual fulfilment of the mirage, we sometimes miss the punch of rationality. Once, this self-inflicted procrastination is inflicted upon education, we should be aware of the repercussions and the remedies.

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