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Podcasting has got the desired momentum and mention now. It was Covid Lockdown that gave me the baton of EduPodcasts. With thousands of teachers informed, trained and supported via online workshops, this is the time to see the fruits. Fortunately, there are a good number of teachers becoming Podcasters.

Cyber Safety and Security Booklets in HINDI


आप जिस भी दुनिया में अपने आपको मानते हों - साइबर जगत में तो आपकी एक नागरिकता बन ही जाती है। या तो आप बहुत अच्छे से वेब पर सब कर लेते हैं या मदद लेते हैं या फिर किसी अनावश्यक परेशानी में फंस जाते हैं। आप कोई भी हो सकते हैं: एक शिक्षक, विद्यार्थी या फिर किसी स्कूल के संचालक भी।



The technology works best when we use it to collaborate and derive better learning from a platform created for good use. Beyond the JamBoard or Padlet, we have found a cool place to 'JAM' with our ideas and them bring them in a document to see the responses as well as the rewards. Ideaboardz is what we are introducing to you.

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UniSkills Smart Ideas series on YouTube is an attempt to bring some handy tips and solutions for Teachers. There are some simple tasks and there are tasks that look like devils because the time taken is terrible. However, Technology is very much there to assist all of us.

People Skills are Life Skills

Comm Skills

We are quite different from monkies because we can think and learn. More than that, we can learn from the experiences of others, that is not a faculty with the animals. That makes us social as we know how to connect and how to make use of the competence of speaking. We know what a language is and also make good use of it to expand our 'circle' in the world. 

Gender Bias in Communication

Comm Skills

The World is a complicated place to live in but there is no other place to go. The alternative we have is to correct some ways of living and some of the words we use to establish our existence. When these words go wrong, we need to check how to mend the ways and put our best words forward. In this pandemic age, there is one more sense-demic happing. We are biased in our use of language when it comes to Gender Sensibility, Equality and Equity.

English is a commodity and this is going to earn you a good reputation as well as return in future. We were told by the legendary Prof. K. K. Kathuria at the Department of English, Kurukshetra. When the Linguistics subject was introduced we were unaware of what Phonetics actually is

The Presentation gives a brief of the basic rules of Punctuation Usage. A Proper Understanding of the Punctuation Marks enables


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Articial Intelligence is not just for Machines

Insights & Views

Atulpriya is one of the students who actually make me feel like a teacher. Of course, this feeling of being boastful about my own self includes the PRIDE that he has brought into existence. We have not met much, maybe not even once after he moved out of the classroom, finishing his degree of B. Tech. But Atulpriya Sharma a.k.a. Social Maharaj is someone who represents a generation of my students - the BEST ONES!

Eklavyaism is not just about referring to the legend of the Master Learner - Eklavya. It is also not limited to your becoming a dedicated and determined learner in some skill or art. You cannot even restrict this -ism to be a motivator. Then what it is which runs as the undercurrent in Eklavyaism? It is the COURAGE that we take to be Creative and to be an Eklavya.

To say less would be enough because we all know who are the ones being mistaken here in education. I am ambitious to be a good teacher and the one who has more of obsession and passion to teach each moment. My fraternity, the one around me, is failing me. They are not teaching anymore. The way they should be on their guards is not there to be seen. They are behaving like deadwood. 

Life of a Student is Beautiful. One who learns life is a student and one who doesn't is merely a presence. Teachers also learn while imparting learning. So our discussion henceforth refers to the learners vis-a-vis Students.

Can we put the whole blame on institutions and teachers for the failures of students? Questions can certainly be posed to the ones in authority. However, the role and responsibility are reciprocal. If we give something good to the place, the reflections are certainly good. Still, this view does not liberate the administrators or teachers of their pivotal role in imparting learning.

I shall not suggest a way out to 'prepare well for exams' because the only way out is 'To Prepare'. The more time you spend in subject preparation, the more you read and comprehend is what makes you write well in the examination.