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Apna Radio aka Our Radio is just a random shot to the galaxy of professional Podcasters and we are sure to grab a few shining stars with this out-of-the-way thing. The show was recorded without a given script and the surprised-but-smart people participated with a happy heart. 

The best we can do for and with Technology is to use to the best of our welfare and enhancement of learning. While we see that the new generation is quite slow in reading and even the texts are sometimes failing to sustain the diversions, EklavyaParv and EduSoMedia team presents to you the Learning Radio.

Changing the system can not be a mission for the teacher, however, the 'counterparts' from the industry and the education management can try this. It has been a mission for the business world to get 'products' from academia but they have not been able to support the learning vision.

EduSoMedia was not a Model of Learning or Teaching when it was first coined or framed. The story behind the country's (in fact world's) first Innovative Learning Model of Social Media Integration into HigherEd started without a name or title.

Life on the internet isn't easy because we end up getting heavily spammed by the information overload and don't know how to sort it! If you have been experiencing serious concerns and problems with the packed inbox of your Gmail service, 

Observation 01: This is the right time to say that we are heading towards a successful failure. The time to wake up was yesterday and we have been left in a state of shock now. The state of affairs is grim and there seems to be no possibility of a solution. Soon, the edifice is to fall on the ground of reality.

First Things First! This is what Innovation asks for. The educators are required to be one step ahead than the learners; not in a way to generate inferiority among them. Rather the desire to learn is to be inculcated.

This is the time when smartphone (the phone with browsing capacity) is getting into the hand of millions of people around the world. Science and Technology has made it possible and market forces have empowered the reach. It has been about to factors-

The Stage is a cruel place for those who come unprepared or even less equipped. When, on the other side we don't give any 'novice' leverage to a speaker,

Your Career is unpredictable; your preparations can't be! The communication you do with your future is a matter of rethink now, not because you have been doing something wrong, but the way you are delaying the preparation shall be treacherous for the career.

What makes your communication impressive? What Makes You an Impressive Communicator? What are the Credentials of Effective Communication?

Language comes before Grammar! Grammar is an attempt to describe a language. Hence, the language stands supreme and we as subordinates depend on the grammar of the language to access its virtues and mysticisms.

The Presentation gives a brief of the basic rules of Punctuation Usage. A Proper Understanding of the Punctuation Marks enables

Non-Verbal Communication is the second of the Two Types of Communication. It comes next to Verbal Communication which is made of Written and Oral (Spoken) Communication. A Standard Language is Used in Verbal Communication. Click Here to Read the Detailed Article on NVC 

Personality Development has been one of the prime areas of learning as well as of business. People have always been eager to excel in their personality.

"A Report is a formal communication, written for a specific purpose; it includes a description of procedures followed for collection and analysis of data,


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Life of a Student is Beautiful. One who learns life is a student and one who doesn't is merely a presence. Teachers also learn while imparting learning. So our discussion henceforth refers to the learners vis-a-vis Students.

Smriti Bhardwaj

For Teachers

Smriti Bhardwaj has been there as a guide for around a decade now. As a Mentor and real elder, she has guided me remotely and made me realise the worth of 'Choose to be Happy'. These four words change the whole paradigm of feelings and responses to life.

I shall not suggest a way out to 'prepare well for exams' because the only way out is 'To Prepare'. The more time you spend in subject preparation, the more you read and comprehend is what makes you write well in the examination.

Learning happened to us in two ways: Listening and Reading. The moment you read these two terms, you definitely feel that these are the forgotten ones. We do not listen for many reasons. We do not read for one reason only! The reason for NOT READING is actually NOT READING.

The 'problem of communication' is the recent challenge for the modern world. It is not like that we are not able to speak or write, or there is a breakdown of internet or postal services. The failure of communication has occurred because both the parties are not ready to give a reception to the other. 

Being futuristic is common to human. We anticipate; imagine: expect and dream. In the run to the virtual fulfilment of the mirage, we sometimes miss the punch of rationality. Once, this self-inflicted procrastination is inflicted upon education, we should be aware of the repercussions and the remedies.