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Why EklavyaParv?

Because it celebrates Eklavya! Because it celebrates those who step ahead and LEARN! Because Learning is the Decision of the Learner!

Because You Create Yourself!

Eklavya inspires me. He does inspire all of us when we see him only as a disciple who wanted to learn and master a skill. We need to see him only as a dedicated and passionate learner, not as the deprived one.

He earns our appreciation for his determination, critical thinking and holistic approach towards life. We see him as someone who was at peace with himself. His ‘Happy with Himself’ is the current of his successful journey to learning. EklavyaParv is the Parv to Celebrate the Great Eklavya not as a character but as an ideology or approach to life and learning. This Parv – the Carnival – of Learning is what Eklavya encourages. He fills us with a unique sense of pride and confidence in ourselves. Eklavya seems to say: Do Your Work; after all, that is what matters the most! He respects, follows and performs as well. We don’t have his war heroism stories in popular trends. He must have fought mythical battles and must have performed acts of bravery.

When we worship someone and celebrate His Being, the reason is that we have surrendered to the powers and benevolence. Eklavya is the same divine being whom we revere and see as an ideal in learning. When the call to make a platform came and I had to decide what shall be the name of that initiative. There were deliberations leading to an ocean of options and alternatives. Eklavyaism, which has been a life-belief and ideology for me, could establish the strongest bond.

The legends are not to be trusted unless they relate to our own lives. Unless they inspire and facilitate a better living, they are to be forgotten. Eklavya has been there and has been respected and believed, more for the act of sacrifice when his Guru asked for Dakshina. He is believed to be a True Student. That part of his life is an allegory of True Learning Life. We should see him through that lens of perseverance towards goal.  His diligence has been unparalleled.

EklavyaParv is the bonhomie that I could develop between the challenges and commitments. Moving through the EdTech and EduSoMedia ways of Teaching-Learning, I felt that it is actually Eklavyaism that is being followed unknowingly by me and others. Those who can learn without setting caged in a classroom; those who can learn from their surroundings and people around; those who can derive learning from situations and circumstances of life; and those, who can learn even if the resources are limited, are the Eklavyas.

The advent of Skill Development, Professionalism, MOOCs, EduSoMedia and Tech Enabled Learning are all aspects of Eklavyaism and EklavyaParv. When we enterprise, we tend to be Eklavya. 

If you are learning and feel that all that you practice has not been learnt in the direct way, believe me, you have that Eklavya inside. He might be silent or less vocal. But that Eklavya resides in all of us.

Silently, he does what he has been doing in our legends and memories.

Let’s Live Him!

Learning is not a destination; it is a journey!

About the Author
Author: Parveen Sharma
Skill Development Facilitator
EklavyaParv is the Life Long Learning Mission with the belief that "You Create YourSelf!" Working on the motivational trilogy of Enhance-Empower-Encourage, we share learning contents on Communication Skills, Educational Technology, Skill Development and Insights about Education, Life and Learning. These resources are under the philosophy of Open Educational Resources (OERs). Parveen Kumar Sharma believes in being a Teacher who has been teaching Communication Skills for more than a decade to students from K-12 to HigherEd. Academic Intervention and Skill Development are the passions he works for. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at MM (Deemed to be) University, Mullana, Ambala (Haryana) INDIA