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  • How to Write Impressive Paragraphs

    We learn the alphabet of a language and move towards making words and phrases. This leads us to understand that our thoughts are expressed via sentences. The first understanding that we should get is that A Sentence is the Expression of a Complete Thought.

  • Punctuation Marks in English Grammar

    A Proper Understanding of the Punctuation Marks enables Impressive Writing. English Grammar considers these marks as the most significant for Correct Writing. Remember, a Punctuation Mark can


    To know what is a paragraph includes understanding the structure of the paragraph as well as knowing the strategies to master the making of a paragraph. This article shares more guidance and strategies to develop an impressive paragraph.  The primary goal of composing a paragraph is to create a compact collection

  • Teachers are the Superheroes!

    It is wonderful to see the sun rising over us; over everything that exists tall in itself but falls short when the giant comes shining.

  • Techniques of Reading Comprehension (Unseen Passage)

    Comprehension Skills

    'To tell a story and to be in a story are two different things and a writer must be aware of this'. I heard it from a writer and since then, I believe that understanding of the text in hand depends on how much involvement we create with the writer and the thought.

  • Why EklavyaParv?

    Why EklavyaParv?

    Because it celebrates Eklavya! Because it celebrates those who step ahead and LEARN! Because Learning is the Decision of the Learner!