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The Epic "Mahabharata' is being considered the comprehensive description of the life of this planet with talks of everything that comes our way from birth to death. From System to Sentiments, from Rulers to Ruled, from Work to War and from Antagonism to Approvals, 'Mahabharata tells about all.

The Legends about less mentioned, but very significant characters are noteworthy and what I have felt since I came to know the Epic in my childhood, EKLAVYA inspires, we empathise with him, but we don’t pity him.

The answer of this Identifying Oneself in Eklavya is that we all learn as he did! The #EduSoMedia, #EdTech inventions and tools have proved this true, though it was predicted ages before in our mythology.

I feel that Ved Vyasa intentionally kept the Eklavya legend brief and let the readers or the practitioners understand the philosophy.

It is an –ism, an ideology and frequency of thought, in fact, a School of Thought which advocates Self-Learning. Eklavya-ism is the word which stands apt for this movement, methodology, philosophy, approach, or whatever we call it to define.

The legend of Eklavya in Mahabharata inspires everyone to a great extent that one can turn his dreams into reality with one’s effort and eagerness to learn. Eklavya's effort to learn and practice is a classic example of self-learning with meditative mind without physical appearance of Guru which is technologically possible today.

Self-Learning, Self-Awakening, Self Perfectionism, Self-Grooming are some of the aspects that remain branches of Eklavyaism.

Eklavya guides us that we have to carry the determination and need to keep the learning intact, in spite of the failures, circumstances or falls. We need to maintain highest regards for the one who guides us: GURU!

The Guru-Shishya Tradition of Indian Culture gets its best personification in Eklavya.



Walking hand-in-hand with the New Media to take it from Living Room to the Study Room is what my guiding force is. My Soldiers in this mission are the students who join me in the experiments. Yes, teaching and learning happen when you experiment with the determination to invent. We fail, we fall and we move ahead. We Accomplish and Celebrate! EduSoMedia happened as an experiment only. Starting with 'Make a Blog' experiment, it has reached the standard methodologies of virtual classrooms and multimedia projects. There is lot more to do.

The next dimension of this experimentation is schools. I see a future when education is not caged in the school and higher education demarcation, rather both complement each other, share the expertise if each other. Eklavyaism is never far from the class, from the gates of the educational institution- Eklavyaism remains integral to learning.

 I am innovating to develop a Collaboration between Social Media Tools and Educational Pedagogy through EduSomedia.

Innovation demands involvement and when one gets involved with a definite willingness, it goes ahead to Accomplishment!

Eklavyaism has expanded into UniSkills LLP- UniSkills School of Skill Development, Kurukshetra (

About the Author
Author: Parveen Sharma Website:
Founder and Skill Development Facilitator at UniSkills LLP
EklavyaParv is the Life Long Learning platform of UniSkills School of Skill Development, Kurukshetra (Haryana) INDIA. Working on the motivational trilogy of Enhance-Empower-Encourage, 'UniSkills' is providing learning contents to learners across the globe as its Open Educational Resources (OERs) initiative. Parveen Kumar Sharma is a Skill Development Facilitator and Founder of UniSkills. He has been working in the areas of Communication Skills, EdTech, Internet Maturity, Academic Intervention and Skill Development for a decade. His academic credentials are: M.Phil. (English), Post-graduation in English as well as in Journalism and Mass Communication. He holds a Bachelor of Education and more than 15 online certifications in various areas of learning. He is an ardent believer of Innovative Learning and has established 'EduSoMedia' (Education through Social Media) Model of Learning in HigherEd while working with his students at Amity University Noida (2009-2015). He is associated with various government and private organisations as an expert.