Comm Skills
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Communication Skills & Personality Development are being taught as 'Subjects' now. The remedial actions initiated by all universities and colleges around me are thankfully getting

the forgotten focus back to 'Human Skills'. One such course is part of the bachelor degrees of Kurukshetra University. The sad state is that students are getting it as a spoon-feeding activity. There are books and experts but the observation is that the right is not reaching the right.

Syllabus-Kurukshetra University - B.Voc. Degree- Software Development 



  • Definition
  • Elements
  • Determinants

Personal Grooming

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Social Effectiveness
  • Business Etiquettes (Power Dressing)

Unit II

Body Language

  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Types of Body Language
  • Function of Body Language
  • Role of Body Language
  • Proxemics

Art of Good Communication

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
  • Difference between Oral and Written Communication
  • 7’Cs of Effective Communication
  • Importance of Effective Communication

Unit III

  • Team Behaviour
  • Types of Teams
  • Team Roles and Behaviour
  • Group Discussion
  • Do’s and Don't

Unit IV

Interview Preparation

  • Introduction
  • Resume Writing
  • Dress Code
  • Mock-Interview
  • How to be Successful in an Interview
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Founder and Skill Development Facilitator at UniSkills LLP
EklavyaParv is the Life Long Learning platform of UniSkills School of Skill Development, Kurukshetra (Haryana) INDIA. Working on the motivational trilogy of Enhance-Empower-Encourage, 'UniSkills' is providing learning contents to learners across the globe as its Open Educational Resources (OERs) initiative. Parveen Kumar Sharma is a Skill Development Facilitator and Founder of UniSkills. He has been working in the areas of Communication Skills, EdTech, Internet Maturity, Academic Intervention and Skill Development for a decade. His academic credentials are: M.Phil. (English), Post-graduation in English as well as in Journalism and Mass Communication. He holds a Bachelor of Education and more than 15 online certifications in various areas of learning. He is an ardent believer of Innovative Learning and has established 'EduSoMedia' (Education through Social Media) Model of Learning in HigherEd while working with his students at Amity University Noida (2009-2015). He is associated with various government and private organisations as an expert.