• An Amateur Podcast turns into Apna Radio

    Apna Radio aka Our Radio is just a random shot to the galaxy of professional Podcasters and we are sure to grab a few shining stars with this out-of-the-way thing. The show was recorded without a given script and the surprised-but-smart people participated with a happy heart. 

  • EduSoMedia Mission Rejuvenating with #bptMMDU2019

    EduSoMedia was not a Model of Learning or Teaching when it was first coined or framed. The story behind the country's (in fact world's) first Innovative Learning Model of Social Media Integration into HigherEd started without a name or title.

  • Learning Radio launched with Literary Audiobooks for Graduates

    The best we can do for and with Technology is to use to the best of our welfare and enhancement of learning. While we see that the new generation is quite slow in reading and even the texts are sometimes failing to sustain the diversions, EklavyaParv and EduSoMedia team presents to you the Learning Radio.