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Professional Writing Skills

  • Business Memo Format and Guidelines

    Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary says: Memo is an official note from a person to another in the same organisation.

    It is a REMINDER to the office or the authority

  • How to Write An Application Letter

    'Writing maketh a full man' and it is all the more difficult to find a 'full-man' who carries real writing skills in Letter Writing. We start teaching Letter Writing from the early ages and keep on correcting ourselves even during the jobs. WHY do WE FAIL at Effective and Impressive Letter Writing?
  • How to Write Impressive Paragraphs

    We learn the alphabet of a language and move towards making words and phrases. This leads us to understand that our thoughts are expressed via sentences. The first understanding that we should get is that A Sentence is the Expression of a Complete Thought.

  • How Users Read over the Web?: "They Don't!"

    When asked 'How Users Read Over the Web?', Jakob Nielson, in 1997, responded: “They don’t. People rarely read web pages word-by-word; instead, they scan the page, picking out individual words and sentences."

  • Let’s Make Friends with Note Taking (#NoteTakingSkills)

    I am sure we all remember the good old school-days, the classes where we kept our eyes wide open, stared at the chalkboard or the whiteboard on which the ‘great teacher’

  • Punctuation Marks in English Grammar

    A Proper Understanding of the Punctuation Marks enables Impressive Writing. English Grammar considers these marks as the most significant for Correct Writing. Remember, a Punctuation Mark can

  • Purpose of Web-Based Writing or Writing for the Web

    Writing for the Web or Web-based Writing is the most developed form of writing these days. There are certain important things to keep in mind when you write for the Screen, not the pages.  All writing, whether it is in literature or research or academics, is online. People read online on their devices. 


    To know what is a paragraph includes understanding the structure of the paragraph as well as knowing the strategies to master the making of a paragraph. This article shares more guidance and strategies to develop an impressive paragraph.  The primary goal of composing a paragraph is to create a compact collection