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Comm Skills Notes

  • Barriers to Communication

    Barriers to Communication are those factors that weaken the impact of the whole effort to communicate. These are sometimes deliberate

  • Communication Snapshot - Most Important Things to Note

    Communication is what it does! And what it does is actually the most important thing in life. It forges relations and establishes our presence in personal and professional domains.

  • Reading: Types and Techniques


    The fundamental feature of life on earth is the assimilation of learning by means of Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing. Reading and Writing stand for the existence of Language. We are here discussing READING and various techniques to master this academic skill.

  • Technical Communication - Kurukshetra University

    Technical Communication is the subject which is taught in most of the engineering colleges as a part of the first year curriculum or in other years as well.

  • Techniques of Reading Comprehension (Unseen Passage)

    Comprehension Skills

    'To tell a story and to be in a story are two different things and a writer must be aware of this'. I heard it from a writer and since then, I believe that understanding of the text in hand depends on how much involvement we create with the writer and the thought.