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Parveen Kumar Sharma

  • Teacher with professional approach and a dedicated vision with over 10 years’ experience; striving to help students convert curriculum-based instruction into all-inclusive learning, empowered with life skills
  • Unique and Result-oriented integration of educational technology & innovative teaching in HigherEd
  • Evolving Eklavyaism and Integrating Andragogy & Heutagogy to impart 21st Century skillsets and life skills
  • Expertise in the use of Google Classroom, Edmodo, Moodle, Quizizz, Powtoon, Zoom, Online Presentations, Podcasts & other ICT tools
  • Lesson Writer with National Institute of Open Schooling, INDIA
  • Successful career distinguished by commended performance in diverse roles as:
    • Assistant Professor Communication Skills & Business Communication (6.8 Years) at Amity University, NOIDA
    • Mentor-Online Communities & Author with (Educational and Career Guidance Platform)
    • EdTech Evangelist & Founder of EduSoMedia Model of Learning (Education through Social Media)
    • Member- English Language Teachers’ Association of India since March 2019 (Membership ID 30017228)
    • Experienced in Community Radio – Announcer and Programme Director/Producer (more than 40 episodes)
    • MOOC Development and Facilitation Training to Teachers
    • Associated with Open Educational Resources University (OERu) Australia
    • Public Speaker, Anchor, Trainer in National & International Level Events and Workshops
    • Social Media Guide, Citizen Engagement Strategist, Documentary Maker and Event Manager
    • Internet Maturity Expert & Contributor to OER Commons
    • Active Collaborator with Global & Indian EdTech Experts in EdTech, ICT, MOOCs, LMS and OERs 
    • Skilled in identifying students’ learning needs and developing customized & innovative learning strategies
    • Proficient in making the classroom more purposeful & maximising the potential of every student
    • Capabilities in designing and organizing activities related to teaching, skill development, youth festivals & workshops
    • Enrolled in PhD (Batch 2019-2022); M.Phil. & MA in English; MA in Journalism and Mass Comm; Bachelor of Education

Notable Accomplishments Across the Career:
• Resource Person at various universities across India for FDPs and Students’ Training
• All India Winner of Shiksha Online Mentoring Contest 2017
• Session Chair in the Higher Ed Technology Conference 2019 by ETR
• Certificate of Appreciation in Teacher Innovation Award-2019 by ZIIEI, Sri Aurobindo Society
• Nominated for ‘Award for Team Innovation” by International Academic and Research Excellence awards (IARE-2019)
• Producer & Presenter (RJ) of Radio Shows at Amity Community Radio
• Special Invitee to Bhiwani Children’s Literature Fest 2019 & 2020
• Awarded as Ambassador by Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) in 2016


Parveen Kumar Sharma

About the Author
Author: Parveen Sharma
'You Create Yourself' is the belief that drives the EklavyaParv Life Long Learning Mission. The trilogy of Enhance-Empower-Encourage motivates us and we share learning contents on Communication Skills, EdTech, Life Skills, Blended & Innovative Learning and Insights about Education. These resources are Open Educational Resources (OERs) under CC-BY-NC-SA licence. Parveen is an EdTech Evangelist and has been working in the field of Innovation-driven Education for more than a decade. He writes and delivers training on EduSoMedia, E-Learning, OERs, MOOCs, EdTech, ICT, Blended and Flipped Learning, Academic Intervention, Classroom Makeover, Employability Enhancement, EdTech and Teacher-Student Learning. EklavyaParv is the celebration of his belief in the Learning Spirit of Mankind!