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Barriers to Communication are those factors that weaken the impact of the whole effort to communicate. These are sometimes deliberate

and sometimes unintentional. Sometimes these are created through ignorance to the 7 Credentials of Communication and sometimes these pop-up by default. As we know that one of the features of communication is it's being prone to failure. Perfect Communication is Never Possible in Practice. There shall definitely be some challenges and hurdles that shall try to break the chain of communication. It is for these barriers and challenges that we need to prepare in advance when we initiate the Communication Process. It is said that if we take care in the beginning and strengthen the 'transmission' itself, the sender and receiver shall find it easy to sustain the exchange of information and feelings. 

This is to be noted that the barriers are not walls that are going to halt the process. These are 'Speed Breakers' which are present on the way and we need to acknowledge their existence rather than wasting time cribbing about. It is like life situations where we are advised to look at our strengths and handle the problems.

Broadly, the barriers can be divided into 05 categories: 

  1. Physical Barriers
  2. Psychological Barriers
  3. Linguistic Barriers
  4. Cultural Barriers
  5. Organisational Barriers


Physical Barriers: Noise and Distance


Psychological Barriers: Preoccupations, Mental Locks, Fear, Pre-mature Evaluation/Hurried Judgements


Linguistic Barriers: Different Languages, Semantic Barriers (Related to Meanings)


Cultural Barriers: Different Cultures, Different Rituals, Ethnocentrism


Organisational Barriers: Fewer Facilities, Organisation Set-up


The Best thing about Communication Process is that it never suggests that those faults are in the Sender or Receiver. Rather, the Medium is sometimes attacked by the Barriers and we need to get back to our strengths to deal with them. Knowing that such type of barriers exist and work against us in Communication, is helpful in maintaining healthy connect. 


About the Author
Author: Parveen Sharma
Skill Development Facilitator
EklavyaParv is the Life Long Learning Mission with the belief that "You Create YourSelf!" Working on the motivational trilogy of Enhance-Empower-Encourage, we share learning contents on Communication Skills, Educational Technology, Skill Development and Insights about Education, Life and Learning. These resources are under the philosophy of Open Educational Resources (OERs). Parveen Kumar Sharma believes in being a Teacher who has been teaching Communication Skills for more than a decade to students from K-12 to HigherEd. Academic Intervention and Skill Development are the passions he works for. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at MM (Deemed to be) University, Mullana, Ambala (Haryana) INDIA